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Lip Lip Lip Lip!

Ever since I was young, I've always loved the look of piercings, but having only had my lobes pierced when I was about 4 months old, I wanted something a bit more substantial now I am 16 and can pretty much do what I like piercing-wise. I'd considered having my belly done, but that just wouldn't be my style, and I wanted something that could actually be seen. My decision was made when I saw Christofer Drew of nevershoutnever's lower lip piercing. I fell in love.

I explained what I wanted to my parents, and of course they weren't happy that I wanted to put a 'piece of metal through my face', saying that i'd be 'judged' and would 'never be able to get a job', but my mind was made up. A few other girls at my school have facial piercings, nose, eyebrow, and one with a lip piercing, and they got away with it, so there was no problems there.

So, the next day, hand held by my friend who had got her belly pierced already, went to Camden town to Chioko, the studio she, and another of our friends had been pierced at. They said it was clean and really friendly. I'd looked it up on the internet numerous times before and read all the reviews, and there was not one negative. Chioko is in the basement of another shop, but this does not affect the quality of the service, or the cleanliness at all.

We went down the stairs and spoke to Ola, who is lovely, behind the counter, and explained what piercings we wanted; I wanted my lip done, and my friend wanted her auricle, the lip cost £25 pounds, and her auricle cost £15 pounds, which are very reasonable prices. We had to show our passports as ID to prove we were 16, and then fill in a release form, stating that we had not consumed any alcohol, under the influence of drugs etc. Everything to prove that we were in a state fit for piercing.

It was quite busy, especially for such a small place, and there were a couple of other girls in there with various piercings, but we only had to wait about 10 minutes. Up until the moment we paid for the piercings, my parents were still texting me, tell me not to get it done, but of course, I wasn't going to back out now!? My friend went in first and got her auricle done, I could hear Ola talking her through it, and quite quickly it was done.

Now it was my turn, i went in and sat on the chair, and she asked me which size piercing I would like. I chose the smaller, 16g size, and then she proceeded to show me everything was clean and wash her hands, then put gloves on as well. She marked a spot on my lower lip, and I asked her to move it up a little bit closer to my lip. Now it was perfect, I was ready. She told me to brace myself and take a deep breath. And just like that, the needle was through. I honestly thought she was just clamping it, because it had been said to me loads of times, that the clamping hurt the most. I didn't feel the clamping, i felt a little bit of a pinch when the needle went through, but my adrenaline was going, so I felt nothing when she put the jewellery in either. I was ecstatic! My first proper piercing was finally done!

After I was finished, Ola went through all the aftercare instructions, sending me to a Holland and Barrett across the road to by some sea salt, and some alcohol free mouthwash. She also wrote me a note, saying that I should come back in 3 weeks or so to get a free bar change, because the bar that she had put in was to allow for swelling and bruising and the suchlike, and so would poke out when it was healing. Ola also commented to me, that she found it very easy to pierce me, cause I didn't do any screaming or crying, or fainting. I was pretty chuffed with myself, and likewise with my friend.

I had to wash my piercing twice a day with sea salt, and for the first week or two, wash my mouth out after everything I ate, or drank that wasn't water. I followed this religiously, and so far, no problems! It was a bit hard to eat at the beginning, but of course, that's to be expected.

Two months on, I love my lip piercing, and i'm going back there this weekend so they can help me unscrew the ball so that I can change the stud to a cute star one, because i find it hard to hold the inside of the stud still to do it myself. I'm sure i'll get the hang of it eventually.

My parents have said i'll be addicted to piercings, i said I wouldn't, but honestly, I think I am, i'm getting my scaffold done this weekend, and I don't think it'll stop there. If you're thinking of getting a piercing of any kind done, go for it! Make sure you get yourself a reputable piercer though, otherwise you may regret it. I would recommend Chioko in Camden town, London, to anyone, they were brilliant, and i'll certainly be going back!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 10 Nov. 2009
in Lip Piercing

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Artist: Ola
Studio: Chioko
Location: Camden+Town%2C+London

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