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A lot more than a replacement.

About six months ago, I decided that the time was right to get the lowbrets that I had always wanted, and that I did. I was very happy with them after they were done, but unexpected swelling and other complications led to them being taken out, repierced, taken out again, and then repierced again, and then taken out yet again. I was very frustrated, and felt like my face looked naked without the little studs I had worked so hard to try to keep poking out below my lips.

So, to fix my problem, I decided to look into similar piercings, and then, I realized what I wanted.

Double Monroe piercings.

They were exactly what I wanted, and they make a slightly triangular shape on my face with my other piercings, which I like.

So the decision was made, it was just a matter of where to get pierced.

This question, however, was a bit complicated.

The piercer I had everything else done with, and trusted, was without a studio due to a freak accident causing the tattoo and piercing studio, Ancient Art, to be condemned.

Apparently, the state was fixing the sidewalks in that part of town, and the concrete they were pouring damaged the foundation of the building, ruining the structural integrity. So without a piercer, I didn't know where to get it done.

After some asking around, and recommendations, I decided to have it done by Chase at Third Eye Tattoos. I knew Chase was a good piercer, and he was really the only piercer around who I considered skilled.

Being seventeen, I had to have parental permission to have this done, but my parents are always supportive and see that the things I do have a deeper meaning to me than simply aesthetics, so they were okay with it being done.

So, after a few days of waiting around and making absolutely sure this was right, I finally went in. I went with a good friend to have it done the same day he was getting double off-center labrets pierced, but as usual, my mom forgot the proper identification to prove that she was my mom.

The next day, we went in, and Chase got everything ready as I waited on him to tell me it was time. After a few sort of anxious minutes, he told me he was ready, and we went into the back room. My mom, not being into piercings herself, and not being strong of stomach, opted to sit in the waiting room.

The piercing itself went pretty normally, the area was cleaned, marked, checked, checked again, clamped, and then pierced. The piercing didn't hurt as badly in my top lip as it had in my bottom, but it still was painful, nonetheless. Pain isn't really a big deal to me, so I wasn't too affected by it. Chase put the stud in the needle and slid it through, screwed the ball on, and then repeated the entire process for the other side. He sprayed some H2Ocean on them, and then I was done. After talking to him about some things, I left the shop, and went home.

I heal all my piercings using the theory called LITHA, Leave It The Hell Alone, so my aftercare was pretty simple. I don't use saline solution or sea salt soaks, and while this may be great for other people, my method works best for me. I think it's mostly due to my strong immune system, but keeping my dental hygiene in order and showering often is plenty to heal any oral piercing I get. Not that I don't know all the normal methods of healing, it's just my choice.

The healing process started out fine, but my lip swelled up much more than I had expected, and it started to put pressure on the healing hole, and the balls were trying to dig into my skin through the front, and the disks in the back were started to dig into my lip too. Obviously, I needed longer studs. After a few days of this, I went back to Chase, and he took the studs out and put longer ones in. I preferred these anyway, because they had 6mm balls on them, rather than the 4mm ones I had before, and I prefer the bigger ones.

After that little road bump, the healing went very well, and I was completely healed in a month and a half, which was great.

So four months later, I'm still happy with my double monroe. I might stretch it to twelve, I might not, but for now I'm happy with what I got. The piercing went great, the healing was done a month earlier than what is normal, and people love them. My girlfriend says they feel really cool during a kiss, so that's another, less expected benefit of having this piercing.

In closing, I would suggest this to anybody that wants it, you wont regret it, and your significant other will enjoy them too, apparently.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 10 Nov. 2009
in Lip Piercing

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Artist: Chase
Studio: Third+Eye+Tattoos
Location: St.+Albans%2C+WV

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