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What's better than a labret piercing? A vertical labret.

I believe the way I am is karma for my parents. My mom was the lead cheerleader in her high school, and my dad was the quarterback in his.
I'm not like that at all. I've started dressing in all black in grade four, so you know in a few years I'd be asking for a piercing or two.
When I was fifteen, I finally asked my mom for a piercing. I've never seen her so shocked in her life.
"People are going to think you're dirty, and it's going to look dirty," was my mom's reply. "Never ask me a question like that ever again." she concluded. Obviously that wasn't going to happen.
For years I've had a fascination for piercings. I've even pierced my own eyebrow myself in grade seven (which was a horrible idea. I don't suggest it in the very least), and tried hiding it with my hair. Of course my mom found out and forced me to take it out. I've loved all piercings, but one stuck out to me most. When I was fifteen I seen a picture of a girl with a vertical labret. I fell immediately in love.
I've asked my parents countless times for it. After months of asking, my mom asked to see a picture. I told her I did my research on this piercing, and the scarring would hardly be noticeable, and since it's a surface piercing, it doesn't fully heal, so there would hardly be a scar after a few months anyway. She told me to ask my father. I did. He said if it was okay with my mom I could. It's funny, my dad thought my mom wouldn't let me get it, and he just didn't want to seem like the "uncool" parent.
When I told my mother what my dad had said, she told me to make an appointment at The Altered Native. I've never been so excited in my whole life.
Finally the day came, and my mom was driving my friend and I over to The Native. I walked to the front desk and asked for Kyle, the girl said he was out in the back having a smoke and he'd be back soon. In the mean time, my friend Alaya and I looked at the belts and sunglasses.
Just when my day couldn't get any better, a really attractive guy comes in from the back. It was my piercer, Kyle. He leads us to the back, and gives my mom a form to sign.
"I can't believe I'm signing this..." my mom said.
"I can't believe you are either," Alaya said. She knows how much my mom hated piercings. I go sit in the dentist looking chair, with Alaya following. My mom was waiting on the other side of the room with her head between her knees.
Kyle started explaining to me about the after care for my (soon to be) new vertical labret.
"You can't french kiss, give oral sex, do weed, ecstasy, ice, speed, etc." Kyle said to me listing a million drugs. I laughed.
"Nah, I'm straight edge, so I don't need to worry about the drugs part," I replied.
"You're straight edge? That's cool! I'm not, obviously, I was just out having a smoke as you know. But that's cool if that's how you live," he said. That set a off a fifteen minute conversation about straight edge while he cleaned the equipment.
Finally he made me rinse my mouth, and he marked where it would be pierced. "How much is it going to hurt?" My friend Alaya asked. I wanted to smack her, I forgot about the pain part.
"It should be a four out of ten. It's not bad. I heard the clamps are the worst part," Kyle said as he put the clamps on my lip. That calmed me a bit, because the clamps didn't feel like anything. He told me to lay on down on the chair, he got the needle, and stuck it though. Weirdest feeling ever. My toes curled and my eyes shot open.
"Ohh that looks sketchy," My friend said as she watched the needle go through. Kyle then put the jewelry in, which felt so much better.
"How was that?" he asked.
"It was like... a shot of fire going though my lip," I replied. He laughed.
"I haven't heard someone compare it to that, but you did well for that pretty much being your first piercing," He said. Well I felt special after that comment.
The after care was pretty basic, I just used some salt water spray and the swelling was down in a week, maybe even less.
Overall I was more than happy with the piercing and the turn out, and will definitely get pierced at the native again.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 02 Nov. 2009
in Lip Piercing

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Artist: Kyle
Studio: The+Altered+Native
Location: Orangeville%2C+Ontario%2C+Canada

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