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Uneventful Cheek Piercing

I was in Salt Lake City after being away for the past 2 years in between Afghanistan and Kuwait. My father in law is sick with cancer and the mood in the house ranged from depression to laughs, to serious talks about life and living and happiness. My father in law went early morning for his dialysis and after he came home, went straight to sleep, as the process wears him out. Looking at him lying in his chair asleep, his skin, one a tanned golden now a dull yellow, I decided that I needed to do something to make my emotional pain more realistic.

Emotional pain, meet physical pain.

I thought about getting my lip done, two on one side, but I have a center lip and I didn't really want that much metal so close in proximity. I also have a thing about symmetry and while I am trying to somehow get out of it ( I got my monroe done for just that reason, though I keep thinking I should get the other side) I keep going back to the same theme.

While heading off onto my favorite piercing studio, I told my partner that I was planning to get my cheeks pierced and I could tell by the look on his face that he wasn't exactly in agreement. First because my job specifically states that I cannot have facial piercings, yet I do, but small enough to hide. I was sure, that after initial healing, I could hide these too, but because I only have a short amount of leave time, I would have to still have the balls and long post in until they were healed enough to change out, which means that my boss might see me with them. I say "might" because like I said, the past 2 years, I was between Afghanistan and Kuwait, and my job is located in a small post that, because of violent reasons, nobody wants to go, including my boss, so as long as I could avoid them while I was traveling back to my post, things should be fine.

So I got to Koi, which didn't change much except my normal piercers were nowhere to be seen. One of them had an accident and no longer worked there, the other didn't work that day, so I was in the hands of the beautiful Jen, who did have cheek piercings, and very cute ones at that. I walked up to the counter, usual business of what I want to get done, told them I was thinking of getting my cheeks and inquired about buying all the the material to change them out myself. This lead to a discussion about how cheek piercings need 3 months to heal, how they close up fast, how they didn't feel comfortable giving me all of the items to change it myself.

I was used to this discussion and thankful that they decided to have it with me instead of trying to make a quick buck, but I was pretty well aware of healing, my body's healing, and how to properly change jewelry, as I have done it many times before. I decided to go ahead with the piercing and deal with replacement jewelry later.

After waiting about 10 minutes for the equipment to be set up, Jen instructed us to come in and take a seat. She sat me on the silver shiney doctor's chair and stared straight into my face for what seemed like forever. She'd cock her head slightly to the left, then slightly to the right... she moved backwards and forwards, she'd mark, scrunch up her face, mark again, cock her head to the left, cock her head to the right... all while biting her tongue.

And there you go, another crush properly formed on my piercer.

It seemed like an eternity before she was happy with the placement. She let me look and at first I was a bit weary. The piercings were closer to my mouth and I had wanted them further back. She then asked me to smile and I could see that she had placed the dots perfectly into my already existing dimples (duh) but for some reason, I have 2 sets depending on how I smile. My placement went with my more natural smile, as a big cheesy grin produces dimples further back on my cheeks. The big cheesy grin is what i had been doing in the mirror prior to me arriving in order to prepare myself.

I sat there for a good while smiling, straight faced, and cheesing. I realized I was happy with the placement and gave her the go ahead. She laid me down and pulled my lip out. She felt around in my cheeks for a second. She asked me to inhale deeply and with my exhale, she slid the needle through my lip, then the jewelry, then tightened the ball. It was all very fast and graceful, as she was quickly onto the second one.

The sensation was much like biting the inside of your lip and the feeling of pain was gone except for the lingering pinched feeling. In fact, for those trying to figure out the pain tolerance of a piercing like this, I would give it a 2/5 as I quite frequently bite the inside of my lip (I chew a lot of gum). Put it this way, if you can stand biting the inside of your lip twice, you're good to go.

Jen had me look in the mirror and I was a bit overwhelmed by the jewelry, as the posts were pretty large and sticking out a bit, but I knew it would go down as the swelling increased. By the time I had made it back to my in laws, only a small amount of the post was showing.

I went back to Afghanistan later that week and took great care not to get too dirty. I leave my piercings alone, as that works best for me. I do the usual cleaning in the shower, running water over it to loosen any lymph. I don't twist the jewelry, or try to push it out, I just leave it be. As it started to produce more lymph, I would lightly push the stud out with my tongue in order to get any lymph still trapped out while lightly wiping it away with a damn qtip.

After about a month, the swelling had gone down enough to where the posts were pretty obvious. I ordered some online and was able to change them without any problem. I had to downsize 2 times, and at the moment, I could probably go down another size, but I will worry about that later as it really isn't an issue right now.

All in all, I am happy with my decision and my piercings. I get a ton of complements on them and was known as "Dimples" to some of the soldiers which I found amusing. My manager did happen to see my piercings and ignored them. A few weeks later, we had a visit from the General Manager and Area Manager, and neither of them said anything about my piercings, but before they left, the Area Manager pulled me to the side and told me that she loved them. I know I probably will not be able to keep this piercing too long depending on what job I decide to do next, as I have been pretty lucky so far, so I am excited to see how my "dimples" will fare once the jewelry has to be taken out.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 02 Nov. 2009
in Lip Piercing

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Artist: Jen
Studio: Koi
Location: Salt+Lake+City

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