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Ten Hour Lip Piercing

I am eighteen years old and I have been in love with body piercing for a long time. When I was younger, I got my ears pierced first just like almost eeeveryone else. My second piercing was on a trip with my mother and her friend and her friends daughter, where I was given a choice: second set of holes, or cartilage. I ended up choosing the latter. That was a few years ago.

It was in my later pre-teen/teen years was when I really started to like piercings. I read about them online, started memorizing names and locations, and most importantly, began to decide what it was I wanted. Mostly my piercings were on my ears, with a few others: tongue, navel. But those are other stories.

Now that I am eighteen and can get piercings without my parents consent, I do. The day I turned eighteen was when I got my tongue. My most recent desire? My lip. It was a sudden whim, really, but I loved the idea and I wanted one. I gathered a few peoples opinions, and then decided to go for it.

My sister, who wanted another piercing to add to her collection as well, and I drove to the beach to Curiosities Rock Shop. Not too far of a drive; about half an hour. We had been there quite a few times before. The atmosphere in Curiosities is pleasant. There are a lot of souvenirs, like shells and such. In front of the piercing room is where the transactions usually take place. They take your ID and make a copy, have you fill out the info and pay, then you're good to go once you're called. In the glass shelf is where they keep their beginning barbells/etc. You can ask to see them at anytime and a staff member will give them to you. Piercings are cheap there but they aren't cheap like they'll turn your body part green and get it infected cheap. Everything there is legit. They also have a pretty good collection to choose from.

The piercing room itself is a little smaller than what one might be used to. There is a bench against the wall where the piercee sits, then there's a sink and some cabinets next to that. Doesn't take a genius to figure out what's in there. The piercing instruments are still in the package; they don't remove them until you're in the room and watching. The piecer closes the door so others can't just stare at you. One or two people can come around with you and watch, however.

Which is what my sister did when he called me back there and told me to sit. My piercer, god help me I can't remember his name, has pierced me before. He did my tongue. He's the type of guy that when a friend asks you if you're okay after the needle has gone through your skin he answers that he's fine. He's good at lightening the mood and making you feel better.

I walked into the room and sat down, watching as he washed his hands and took the instruments he needed out. Before even clamping me, he drew the familiar dot and told me to check it out. Already liking it, I said let's do it and sat back down. He turned towards me and cleaned my lip, then told me to lean my head back and clamped the area that was going to be pierced. I've heard a lot of people say the clamp hurts; IT DOESN'T. Unless your piercer is clamping the hell out of you, but they don't. It's psychological. I was never afraid of the clamp, and today wasn't any different.

Once he was sure he had everything positioned correctly, he took the needle and did the count off. Before I knew it, the needle was through my skin. Sure, there was a pinch, same as the rest of my piercings. But that was it. The only part that hurt even a little was the connecting of the two sides of the hoop, same as when they try to screw on the balls of other piercings.

I got up and looked at my piercing; I fell in love. He explained to me the care steps, going through all of the steps that were on the paper on the wall. All I needed was salt water two or three times a day; simple enough. Then he gave me a copy of my care instructions and sent me on my way as my sister stepped inside to get a snug piercing.

Sadly, my euphoria wasn't to last. My mother, who HATES piercings other than the two classic earlobes that she has, saw it and flipped. She actually thought it was fake until she stepped closer and poked it. She hasn't spoken to me since.

I ended up taking my piercing out for personal reasons. But I do plan on getting it done again in the future: I only had it for about ten hours and it has only been out for about half an hour, but my mouth and lip feels empty without it. I do recommend both the piercing and Curiosities; you won't be disappointed!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 02 Nov. 2009
in Lip Piercing

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