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Self done lip/labret piercing

So, yesterday I decided that I was going to put something in motion that I had wanted for a long time. For as long as I can remember I have been fascinated with piercings and positive that I would soon get my own artistic body piercing. I had my ears done when I was a baby, so my first major move in the piercing area was to stretch them. I started doing that only a month ago, and I'm only at a 10 now. But anyways, back to the point.

I had always wanted a septum piercing and a Monroe too, but since my mom wasn't going to let me pierce anything I was going to have to find a way to do it myself. I had heard horrible stories about septum piercings gone wrong, so that one scared me. As for the Monroe, it scared me because I would have no idea about the placement or gauge size or anything really. I finally decided what I was going to start off with; I was going to just pierce my lip.

I put my plan in motion last Friday, were I went to the mall with my friends and bought a clear labret ring from a $1 store called Jewelry Box (not the smartest move). When I started looking at the ring I realized that the ball didn't pop off, I would have no way to put ring in since both sides had a restraint. But of course I was relentless. I was going to find a way to force that ring through, one way or another. So yesterday (Tuesday) I decided was the time to do it. I had bought another lip ring too, but it was a 14 gauge and I was going to be using a big sewing needle which was only about 16 gauge for lack of funds to buy correct materials.

So I started getting all my materials together, which included a needle, rubbing alcohol, mouth wash, ice, the ring, and an ear ring (lack of funds) just in case I failed to get the clear ring through. I started by wiping down the spot I was going to be piercing with rubbing alcohol and I rubbed down the needle too. I put the ice to my lip for somewhere around 30 seconds. I cleaned the ring and the ear ring in case I might need it. So after that I got right down to it. I marked the spot that I wanted to pierce and reluctantly put the needle to my lip.

I was able to push it through the first layer of skin with no problem or pain, so I decide the rest might be the same. Well I was wrong, nervous, and inexperienced. I pushed the needle further in and pain shot through me like a gun. Admittedly I did this wrong; you're supposed to do it fast. Well I took my sweet time, pushing the needle every couple of seconds. Getting through to the last layer of skin was the hard part, that's what took me so long. I began walking around the bathroom trying to push it through, and then I went to my room walked around for a bit. Till finally I sat down on my bed and gave it one big, hard push and it was through. I ran to the bathroom and looked at the little piece of metal stick through my lip, I pushed it through farther and soon the whole thing was through. I left it in as I got my ring ready. But as I predicted there was no way I was able to get it through. I spent at least 20 minutes trying to push that thing through, but to no avail. I f inally gave up and put the ear ring through. Yes it worked but I was disturbed having an ear ring in my lip.

I knew for a fact that my mom wasn't going to be home until hours later. So I kept the ring in, occasionally trying to get the clear labret through. It didn't work what so ever. I thought I looked good with a lip piercing, and despite all the hype about having a hole in your face it didn't seem like such a big deal to me once it was done. A little later I realized my lip was pretty swollen, but I wasn't a bout to take the ring out. I got on the computer and listened for the door that signaled when my mom was going to be home. The second I heard the slam the ring was out and lying on my bed. I looked in the mirror and all that was visible was a little red hole, something that could easily pass as a pimple. My mom still hasn't noticed the hole and I plan to pierce my lip again on the other side, only the next time with a correct ring.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 02 Nov. 2009
in Lip Piercing

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