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My Philtrum / Medusa and lower lip.

Alright, so I had been wanting a new piercing for awhile, mostly because it had been around 8 months since my last one. I had spent quite a bit of time browsing the internet for something that jumped out at me, and I really liked the look of philtrum (medusa) piercings, and since I only seen one other person who had one at the time, it seemed like a suitable choice. I was set on it, I wanted one.

So I started reading all the experiences on bme that I could about philtrum piercings, just to get a feel for what to expect and if there were any concerns I should have. Nearly every experience I read confirmed two things: that the people who got them really loved their piercings, and that they were supposed to be extremely painful.

Now I'm no veteran when it comes to piercings, until now I had only 9 piercings in the span of 5 years. I had my snakebites, tongue, nipples, lobes, and the top and bottom of my naval. Out of all of them, my lower lip piercings had been the least painful. So although I got pretty nervous about the pain, it didn't deter me.

I also prefer to get my piercings in pairs, I really like symmetry, and so I was trying to find something that would be suitable with a medusa. I decided on getting a labret done as well.

So fast forward to yesterday, my sister, my boyfriend and I meeting up at strange city to all get pierced. My sister went first, she was getting her angel bites pierced (basically 2 monroe piercings, one on each side, but a little lower). Then my boyfriend got his helix pierced. Then they told me I would have to come back 2 hours later because they had just received a new shipment of 14 gauge jewelery and it was in the process of being autoclaved.

So we wandered Whyte avenue for a bit, my nerves getting more and more jittery. Until finally it was time to go back and get my piercings.

So I went in to the back with Sarai, we had decided on a 16 gauge for the philtrum (so the flat back wouldn't need to be so large, and might not damage my webbing) and a 14 gauge for my center lip.

I must say I'm always really impressed by the professionalism and cleanliness of Strange City. Before the piercings, she even put on gloves that had been sterilized and came right out of a package, and she changed her gloves at least 4 times just during the marking and cleaning. And the needles, clamp, and jewelery all came right out of packages and were all sterile.

So after everything was cleaned and marked up, she had me lay down and was going to do the philtrum first, to 'get it out of the way'. She used a clamp for this piercing, and had me breath in and out, and pushed the needle through. I had my eyes closed so I'm not exactly sure what happened next, but my boyfriend said she then used a taper, before inserting the jewelery.

Now let me say, yes it did hurt. Was it as bad as I thought it would be? No. Still didn't hurt as bad as the bottom of my naval, or even my nipples, but yes, it is a painful piercing. Nothing unbearable though.

Next was the center of my lower lip, directly between my snakebites, it was already marked from when she marked my philtrum, so all she had to do was dry my lip and pierce it, this one was not done with a clamp, and compared to my philtrum, relatively painless.

Neither of them bled at all, and I didn't even get the light-headed after piercing woozy feeling I usually get. I paid her, and tipped her, and we left.

It was a bit tender and sore for a few hours afterwards, and it kind of hurt to laugh or smile, but other than that it was fine. Didn't even have any swelling until I woke up this morning. Work today was sort of awkward though, I work in a call center, and talking all day has produced this tight warm feeling on both my upper and lower lip.

So if you are considering this piercing, go for it! Yes, it does hurt a bit, but after 5 minutes or so it's just a bit tender, and I absolutely love the look of them. And I would now recommend strange city to anyone asking about piercings. Sarai has done my nipples and 2 of my 4 lip piercings, and she's great. If you have any questions, feel free to email me, and I will answer them as best I can. :)


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 02 Nov. 2009
in Lip Piercing

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Artist: Sarai
Studio: Strange+City
Location: Edmonton%2C+AB

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