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my new dimples

Ok, so as long as I can remember I've wanted my dimples pierced. I think it all started in my freshmen year of high school, I was walking down the strip, since I live in Vegas, and saw the most beautiful woman I had ever seen rocking some diamonds in her cheeks. For the obvious reasons; my age, parents, school dress code, work, blah blah, I realized that I wouldn't be able to get them done for a few years to come, but I never gave up on the thought.

Skip forward a few years to my graduation. I was free! Finally!! Over the course of my high school years I had obtained quite a few piercings. (nostril, septum, two in each lobe, helix, two microdermals in my sternum, navel, labia, and a VCH). But now, I was finally ready to take the plunge and get the dimple piercings I've always wanted.

After about a whole summer of research, asking owners of the piercing, piercers, and shops, I decided that microdermals would be a much better choice over bars. Especially since I have pretty large salivary glands and my body just loves to swell with any piercing. Plus, I had already had two dermals done so I wasn't nervous about the procedure. I decided against making an appointment since I had already talked to the piercer, Erik before and my friend had gotten her collarbones done by him on a walk-in. So the time had finally come to do them!!

My friend and I walked into the shop and asked the guy at the front counter if Erik was in, he told us that he was on the way and that we could just wait at the shop for a little while if we wanted. It seemed like forever to me! I'm an extremely impatient person, seriously I was dying, haha. Finally he walks into the shop and after talking to the counter guy comes straight over to us and asks who is interested in getting their dimples done. After a brief talk with him about how I wanted dermals instead of bars he told the that that was a much better way to go and that all microdermals were guaranteed by the shop and would be re-sunk, put back in if i ripped them out, and removed for free. Lets just say I was definately sold on the idea. He told us to wait there while he autoclaved his tools and the jewelry.

Finally after about 20 minutes he came over to us and told me it was time! I had honestly never been so excited for something in my whole life, after all I had been waiting for this for five years! He asked what kind of ends or tops I wanted and I picked out some medium sized white rhinesones, not being a fan of the typical metal balls used for cheeks. Since I have fairly big cheeks, he began by asking where I wanted them and after pointing the the general area he marked the first one. Easy right? NOT EVEN! We sat in the room changing the placement for about 30 minutes, until they were perfectly even. I'm glad he took the time out to make sure I was completely happy, that said alot. :] After getting the dots exactly where I wanted them with a straight face I looked in the mirror and smiled ...

My smile was uneven! But, it was no big deal, nobody's perfect he said and we moved the left dot down about a millimeter, maybe less. The time was finally here! He changed gloves, wiped down the table and asked me to lay down. I had gotten my VCH pierced by him and gone with friends and was always completely happy with his cleanliness and sanitation procedures. Erik asked me to turn to the left, pinched my cheek a little between his fingers asked me to take a deep breath in, then out... needle went in. Pretty painless suprisingly! Then picked up the dermal and asked for the infamous breath in and out, popped right in! Flipped my face over and the same thing happened on the other side. Problem free! This would be my thirteenth and fourteenth piercings and I have to say it was pretty painless maybe a 4 on a scale of 1-10, hurt way less than a septum for sure. The right side did bleed alot more then the left but nothing major. I jumped up to go check out my new bling in the mirr or and almost cried! I finally had the dimples I had been dreaming of, I have never been so happy and excited for a piercing.

I waited while he changed the tops on my friends wrist dermals, then he cleaned my right cheek off a little more and asked if he could take pictures for his portfolio. Of course we wanted to :] We took the pictures and then left, definately one of the best and easiest piercing experiences I've had to date. I would recommend anyone to go there, especially if you've never had a piercing before or are nervous, Erik is great!

My aftercare has been a breeze despite what people say about dermals not settling right on the dimples. Mine actually dimple in when I smile which I was afraid since they weren't bars they might stick out a little but their perfect! I didnt have to deal with biting on the inside, chipped teeth, or gum damage. No saliva or lymph draining out. Just me and my new smile! I've had them for about a week and have been doing the normal cleaning twice a day and spraying a little h2ocean on them and they've been great. If anyone out there is debating on bars or dermals for this piercing I highly recommend the microdermals, they look amazing.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 02 Nov. 2009
in Lip Piercing

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Artist: Erik
Studio: Precious+Slut
Location: Las+Vegas%2C+NV

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