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Madonna for a rainy day.

I woke up one rainy Sunday morning to my phone blaring next to my head. I got called by my boss at Arbys to ask me to come in to work. I was pissed off, as you may guess, but I got dressed and proceeded to walk in the pouring rain to the bus stop. When I got to the bus stop, I get a phone call from Arbys saying that they don't need me to come in after all. DAMNIT. I went out in the rain for absolutely nothing . . . or so I thought.

I ended up walking down to Burger King in the pouring rain so I could get something to eat and dry off a bit, then as I left I thought, "Avant-Garde's on the way back home. I should go get something pierced." I already had three holes in each earlobe (all of them stretched to 0g, 6g, and 10g respectively), an industrial, nostril, 8g septum, 6g tongue, and labret (RIP nipples/eyebrow) pierced, so why not go get something else done? I had tons of piercings in mind . . . nape, re-do my eyebrow and nipples, a navel piercing, and an industrial on my other ear . . . but none of those sounded 'right' for today, and I wanted to get something that felt right to me at the time.

I remembered how cool my sister looked with her monroe. I remembered doing tons of research on BME about the piercing and looking at jewelry websites to see what kind of cute jewelry I could get to wear once the piercing healed. I loved the monroe, but I wanted it on the opposite side so I've heard it called a madonna on the other side. I decided that's what I would be getting, because for me, it felt like a madonna kinda day.

I went inside the studio and, being a Sunday, it wasn't busy and I was the only person there so far. I talked to the usual counter girl, told her what I wanted, and she had me read the necessary waiver and fill in my information while she photocopied my ID and selected the jewelry for the piercing. Then she had me sit down and wait to be called while she took care of another person who had walked in after me.

Not even five minutes later, Paul walked out. I was used to being pierced by Brent so I wasn't really sure how things would go being pierced by Paul. I had seen him before, but only Brent has put holes in my body. Being Avant-Garde, I trusted Paul, and went back to the piercing area. He marked the right side of my upper lip and got it in the spot I wanted on the first try. Then as he got everything ready, he explained what he was doing and everything he was using and changed gloves numerous times during the process. I was impressed with his amazing bedside manner. Then the clamps were in place on my lip, and I was told to inhale, and on the exhale the needle pierced through my upper lip.

This piercing felt like no other that I've had. It didn't really hurt, just a sharp initial pain for a split second and then a warm tingling sensation for a little bit. It did bleed considerably, considering how vascular the lips are, and Paul cleaned my lip with two or three Q-tips while the bleeding subsided. Then I looked in the mirror and fell in love instantly! At first I didn't think it would suit my face, but it looked like it had always been there. I thanked Paul and tipped him as he gave me the aftercare sheet and sent me on my way.

Once I got outside and the cold hit my lip, it did feel a tad uncomfortable, but nothing I couldn't handle. I practiced my usual aftercare of cleaning the piercing with sea salt and leaving it the hell alone (my tried and true method). After the first few weeks the piercing was a little red on the outside, and at one point it swelled to the length of the bar, but other than that healing was relatively comfortable and easy for me, especially compared to my treacherous healing experience with my industrial.

If you are ever in the West Allis/Milwaukee, WI area, PLEASE go to Avant-Garde. They are highly reputable, impeccably clean, and their staff is amazing and highly knowledgable. They also have a very good rating with the Better Business Bureau. If you feel like getting a monroe/madonna, just go ahead and do it. They are easy to heal and aren't very painful. After this piercing I have an incredible itch for more (like the tragus piercings I have planned next month for my birthday).


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 02 Nov. 2009
in Lip Piercing

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Artist: Paul+Stelzel
Studio: Avant-Garde
Location: West+Allis%2C+WI

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