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I Wanted A Vertical Labret!

If you want to read about the piercing only then go straight to paragraph 4, the first 3 chapters are a little about me.

It had been nearly 2 months after I got my conch pierced and I was having a really bad itch for another piercing. All the piercings I had were hidden. My conch, tragus and stretched lobes behind my hair and my tongue and handskindiver aren't noticeable unless I point them out to you. I wanted something more eye catching so I decided on a facial piercing. Normal lip piercings are very common around where I live so I didn't want to get one of those.

My friend in school had been speaking alot of a piercing he seen called the "Ashley" and he said that it was a lip piercing where the ball sat on the lip and that was it. At first I didnt understand how it was possible but then after some searching on BME I came across pictures of it and I really liked it. I also discovered the vertical labret on BME the same day and it seemed more appealing to me, I think because it was more eye catching yet it was still alot different from normal labrets. I wanted it so I rang around the piercing shops in belfast and NONE of them would do it for me! WTF?!

They all said it was too dangerous and would reject or get infected but this didn't put me off. I went to the only girl I knew who had a vertical labret in Belfast. I know her because she works in a really good jewellry shop where I buy my tapers etc, anyway I asked her where she got it done and she told me she had to go to Dublin and get pierced at Body Shock. This was 3 hours away but I wanted this piercing so bad so I planned to get the bus down to Dublin the next day. I woke up the next day (Sunday) and remembered that the shop mightn't be open on a Sunday so I checked the website to find it wasn't. How depressing.

I endured the next week with my plain old lip. Woke up early on saturday, got ready to go into town and get the bus but my friend called me and reminded me that Steven Gately's funeral was in Dublin that day so the whole city would be blocked off and packed with people. I didn't want to risk getting on bus to get stuck in traffic and then NOT get my piercing, so I decided to put it off another week. How depressing.

My Girlfriend couldn't come with me the next saturday because she had to work so we thought it would be a good idea to get out of school/University early on friday and rush to Dublin. We paid for the bus ticket (£20) and got on the bus, 3 hours later we were in Dublin and made our way to Body Shock. We were greeted by a woman and a man at the desk, I told them I wanted a vertical labret and they told me it would be 45 euros. The woman explained the aftercare to me while the guy (Scott) prepared. He took me in to the piercing room and my Girlfriend to watch. Marked me up with a marker and told me to check it out in the mirror behind me, it seemed a little off to me but when I asked my GF she told me I was leaning my head to one side and that it was actually straight (lol). So I took another look and realised she was right. I gave Scott the go ahead and he clamped me and held the needle on the lower exit point, without any warning or the usual "Breathe in, and out" he pierced m e. The needle went half way in before he re aimed it upwards to push it through the top exit. It was very sore, a sudden sharp burst of pain which I would give a 7 out of 10 on the pain meter. The feeling of the needle breaking through the top of my lip was such a weird feeling that I will never forget. Once the needle was through the other side the pain was almost completley gone. Scott put in the curved barbell and tried to screw on the top ball but dropped it. He went and got a new ball and put it in the autoclave then sucessfully screwed it on. I looked in the mirror and was delighted! It looked awsome, I was so pleased.

It's been 3 days since I was pierced and my lips are dry alot of the time and really chapped, after day 1 it was easy to eat normally again but to drink I need to use straws. My lip is a little swollen but not too much. When I look at it the piercing seems a little crooked but other people say it isn't. Although I tend to notice things like this even when they are off by the tiniest amount. It isn't enough for me to get redone so I'm going to keep it as it is. I am so happy that I went through with all the travelling to get this done. It is such a good looking piercing and anyone who is considering getting it done should DEFINITLEY do it.

If anyone from Ireland reads this and also wants a vertical labret piercing then you should definitley check out Body Shock. Their website is easily found on google. Enjoy :)


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 02 Nov. 2009
in Lip Piercing

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Artist: Scott
Studio: Body+Shock
Location: Dublin%2C+Ireland.

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