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If you were considering getting your cheeks pierced...

So, I've had plenty of experiences with piercings, and getting my cheeks pierced definitely wasn't as bad as I had anticipated. I got them pierced on a Friday night, August 28th of this year. I have five other facial piercings, not including my ears. All of which were DIY and turned out really well. Actually, they're about as perfect as they're going to get. My cheek piercings are the only piercings I've ever had done professionally, and they were the only piercings that bled. It wasn't bad, though. Maybe it's because when I pierce myself I tend to go relatively slow, and my cheeks were finished really quickly. Afterwards is when it was bad. Not only did my cheeks swell up like balloons, but my entire jaw was hurting. It definitely wasn't fun trying to eat and biting down on the beads that were on the inside of my mouth. It's now October 26th and they feel healed. I mean, they're not even close, but they feel great. Here is a sort of time-line deal that I had going on.

August 28th

The initial piercing was not very painful, just a little pinch. The right barbell sticks out. It hurts a little bit to smile. It hurts to eat. Long, bioflex barbells are what was used.

August 29th

Both sides are very red, painful, and swollen. Barbells barely stick out. Lymph is coming out of left one. It hurts badly to smile, but it's easier to eat. Sore jaw.

August 30th

Still red, still painful, still swollen. Barbells barely stick out.

Lymph coming out of both. It hurts worse to smile. It's easier to eat.

Sore jaw. (It must be easier to eat, because they keep swelling up and using all of the barbell, preventing me from biting down on them, if that makes sense.)

August 31st

Crusty, hole around left one seems to have a torn a little bit, bleeding, sore, swollen.

Night of August 31st

Swelling went down a bit, feels better, still sore, and it still hurts to smile. Lymph is still oozing a bit, but there's a lot of relief. Not as red.

Morning of September 1st

The left one is very crusty, the right one is a little bit bloody. Still very sore. Less swollen. Cleaned them, taken care of. Hole on left one seemed to have closed around it a bit so it looks back to normal.

Morning of September 2nd

The left one was crusty (I think that everyone that has two fresh piercings has one that's more troublesome than the other). The right one seemed fine. Not crusty, not bloody. I pushed the barbell on the left out of my cheek just a little bit so it was easier for me to get to. I washed my hands, and used a paper towel with warm water to gently wipe away the crusties. I then did a warm sea salt soak on each side, then the inside. After that I swished alcohol free mouth rinse around my mouth for about thirty seconds. My cheeks feel much better today than they ever have. There's small signs of dimples, too.

September 3rd

Not nearly as painful. A little less crusty, but still crusty. Barbells stick out a little bit on each side. Much, much less swollen.

September 4th

Cut down the barbells a bit. Steal cleaning often. Doesn't hurt at all to smile or eat. Still oozing a bit, and a little crusty. And I guess from messing with the right one while cutting the barbell, it started bleeding a little bit. So, I did a warm sea salt soak and now they feel better.

September 5th

All of the swelling has gone down. A lot of the oozing has stopped. Barely any redness. Still little crusties, but not as much. Doesn't hurt at all to smile or eat.

October 9th

I've cut the barbells down several times, and they look great. I definitely have dimples now. A little tiny bit of scarring, but it's barely noticeable. I can only blame myself for that, I kept picking at them. DON'T PICK AT THEM! EVER! They don't ooze at all anymore, and they don't get crusty anymore. They're certainly not healed by a long shot, but they feel like they are. I need new jewerly with flat backs. Bioflex is bad for piercings. BAD BAD BAD! But, since I took care of them they feel and look great. I love my dimples, and I love my cheek piercings. It was definitely worth it.

After care I used:

Alcohol free mouth rinse. Saline solution. Or just sea salt soaks, with distilled water. Some Ibuprofen to help with swelling (it's an anti-inflammatory). Colder foods/drinks help. Drinking mostly cold water.

You definitely have to be patient if you want these piercings. They're notorious for being troublesome, and some piercers can fuck them up, and pierce through a saliva duct. And trust me, no one wants to go through that. Cheek piercings are a pain in the ass, and take forever to heal, but it's most certainly worth it. If you want them, I'd say go for it!


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on: 02 Nov. 2009
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