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DIY I have it and now....i want more

Okay so how can I explain this without sounding like a little kid with a shiny needle? (XD)

Well I had been wanting a lip piercing for about two years now. I didn't want it for anybody else I wanted it for me. my older sister started to bride me. Good grades + Good attitude= lip piercing? correct? WRONG! I had the good grades and everything and I was still miserably lied to.

I'm babbling aren't I? don't worry I'm getting to the good stuff. It's a few months long experience so just sit in and listen to the beginning first.

The only thing I really had modified was my ears. I had them pierced 5 times in one ear and 7 in the other. I had stretched 2 holes in each ear down to a 00g and planned to go down even further. Now I had been fascinated with piercing something else my eyebrow nose or possibly lip. That's when I looked at some lip piercing pictures and that's where my story starts:

I was waiting for my friend who had promised to get me a 14ga hollow needle. I had been going over to her house each day. She was never home. So I decide to go onto to painfulpleasures.com and order a 12ga needle and a 14ga labret stud. I picked the 2-5 day shipping service and constantly checked on my order everyday. I had to make sure that when it came that I answered the door if my parents did I would be in really big trouble. Yes I am doing this behind their backs. (don't worry they know now and don't really care XD) I know what you're thinking: you stupid fu*k why don't you get it professionally done or wait? Well the answer is because I don't want to!

Yes I do have experience with lip piercing. I've attempted and pierced my lip a total of at least six-eight times, three times by two different friends and the rest DIY. The most recent one left a little scar and a bump(which has disappeared) but it's okay no one noticed.

Anyway back to our story. So I ordered the stuff on Monday. I was so nervous and anticipating that for the first few days I couldn't sleep at all. The stuff arrived that Thursday and the needle was way too big. Gosh I wasted money for nothing. How stupid could I be? Then my friend stole the 14ga labret. Ughhhh! So now I was stuck with no piercing and no satisfaction. BUMMER!

It had been a few months since then. I looked in the mirror every morning and just didn't feel complete. Even with my upper cartilage piercing (gauged to 10) and my other 4 Gauged piercing (Two 00's and two 8's) I just didn't feel like me. I was pestering my parents and my older sister. Results....NOTHING! so I got tired of waiting on my fairy godmother and decided to become Cinderella. So it was a Monday. School holiday. I waited about, till 3:30 and I went into the bathroom in the spur of the moment and just did it.

I cleaned my instruments. a safety pin. I cleaned it thoroughly boiling it in hot water then in some alcohol. I then cleaned

down my bathroom with bleach. I had to make sure everything was spik and span. I already had pierced my lips a few times so you could say that I was experienced. Before I did it though I re-read many experiences. I also looked at positioning in which you can avoid hitting any major veins. I marked where I wanted it avoided any major veins and just hit the mark.

I left the safety pin in and waited a few hours. at first I tried to put a straight barbell but it was WAY to big and the hole was closing up fast. So I took this piercing earring and forced it in. boom! I magically have a new lip piercing. I left it in for a while. I know, I know your not supposed to have a butterfly back in your mouth but what could I do?

The next day I changed it to the straight barbell. Some said the positioning was off then some said that they didn't like it but as I said I got it for me. I positioned for me and I love where it's at I love it so much that I'm considering getting snakebites and maybe a Monroe. what can I say? I love body mods!

WARRING! I do not advise piercing your self. I only did because

I wanted the experience and I felt incomplete without it. If you have any questions please don't be afraid to email me. I'll be happy to help anybody who's self piercing for the Right Reason.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 02 Nov. 2009
in Lip Piercing

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Artist: me
Studio: my...bathroom+XD
Location: West+plam+beaches

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