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changed my mind on the medusa!

The first time I saw a medusa was when I was 16 in high school. My older "emo" friend who had a ton of facial piercings. I hated the medusa, I felt like she was just going overboard with the metal.

Lately I've been seeing a lot of images of girls on BME with medusas (or "philtrums" as they're called now) and started to really crave it. I have had snake bites before but took them out because I chipped my tooth pretty bad one day, and was scared for gum erosion. However, I didn't think a medusa could cause any of those problems. I considered it for months but put it off for various reasons. My job would not allow it, I had oral surgery, and then forgot about it for a while until I took a family vacation to Wildwood and was surrounded by piercing parlours. Of course I wouldn't get something done there, but they put the idea back into my head. When I came back I soon started a new job that was more open about tattoos and piercings. I decided to wait a little while to save some money, but lately I had been feeling down and got the urge to get it ASAP. This week I knew 100% that needed this piercing to stay alive I had a dentist appointment on Thursday and basically c ounted down the days until I could get it. I said to myself I would get it the day after if I had no cavities.

The day of my appointment I had work at 1 pm, and I got out of the dentist at 11:30 with no cavities! I couldn't wait any longer at this point and booked it to the piercing shop, which was 5 minutes from my job. The shop had just opened for the day so they were all bumming around but there were no other customers. A guy named Brian was the piercer on duty and I had to interrupt him from talking to his girlfriend (I think) to say I wanted a piercing but he went into the room and started setting up right away. There was an apprentice who asked if he could watch the procedure and I said sure! We went in and I swished some mouthwash around and laid on a bench. He was explaining the piercing, that it was basically a labret upside down but was a little trickier. I didn't like hearing that it was a "tricky" piercing but he went so smoothly with everything. He clamped my upper lip and showed the apprentice where it was and how to line it up correctly, which was very uncomfort able and I kind of wished he would just do it already. He didn't pierce like anyone else though. I am used to them putting a glob of vaseline on their hand then sticking the needle in it, but he just pushed the needle though. It did hurt, more than my bottom lip piercings, and I tensed up and had some tears did form in my eyes. After he changed the jewelry, which he did lightning fast, I got up, swished more mouthwash, and looked in the mirror. It was perfect. I loved how it looked with my septum, just sitting in the middle below my nose above my lips. I paid, and tipped well since for once I had cash on me, and still had plenty of time before work.

I tried not to talk the rest of the day. It swelled up a little bit, and didn't crust until the next day. Today is day 4 and it feels a little dry and crusty, but since I've had lip piercings before I know it's gonna be like that for the next 2 weeks. I feel like the bar is too long and sometimes it sits funny on my gums, but after I had the piercing Brian told me to come back in a month to change for a shorter bar since the swelling will go down. I try to listerine as much as possible, which is sometimes hard with my job, but I'm doing it as much as I can and haven't had any problems. It is really my favorite facial piercing on myself and other people now. I have gotten so many compliments because it's more of an unusual piercing where I live. I don't know if I would recommend it to anyone unless they have their heart set on it, because it's not the kind of piercing you can just get, wash twice a day, and ignore because it definitely affects your speech, eating, and even the way you situate your lips when your mouth is closed. I feel like the medusa is such a beautiful piercing that accentuates the female face so all the discomfort is absolutely worth it.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 02 Nov. 2009
in Lip Piercing

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Artist: Brian
Studio: Immortal+Ink
Location: Flemington%2C+NJ

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