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First lip piercing.

Well, ever since I was about twelve and a half, I have been thinking about wanting a lip piercing. and I have been trying to convince my parents to let me get my lip pierced for a very long time. I have always loved the way that facial piercings look. My parents don't like piercings very much, especially facial ones, so this was very hard to do. Whenever I would pierce my ears, or when I started to stretch my ears, I did it before they knew I was doing it, and once they did find out, they decided that there wasn't much they could do since they were usually already healed, and they I thought that I would just try to do it again if they made me take them out. (although I don't recommend that. I have had many infections from trying to do it myself) For my last birthday, I finally convinced my parents to get me a lip piercing. The only piercing that I have had so far are ear piercings, and stretching, which I have done myself. I think the reason that they let me get a lip ring i s because I have tried before to pierce it myself, and they did not want that happening again. So, the weekend after my birthday, my dad drove me up to santa cruz, spent quite a while looking for a little shop called graffix pleasure, where one of my friends had gotten her lip done, and paid for my piercing.

When we walked inside, there was a young girl behind the counter, (with many piercings and tattoos, which I liked very much) who helped me choose a 14g ball closure ring for my lower lip on the right side. She walked us back to the piercing room, where the piercer came in and had me rinse with mouthwash and cleaned all of the equipment and got everything ready.

At this point, I was extremely nervous, wondering how much this was going to hurt, considering the huge needle she had just taken out of a package. I hadn't thought about the actual pain and everything until this point. The piercer had the clamp on my lip (which probably hurt a lot more then the actual piercing did) and had me breathe in and out. The needle was through my lip before I even realized it had happened. I was surprised that it had not hurt at all. There was a little bit of bleeding, but she cleaned it with some bactine, and it stopped. I looked over at my dad, who had a disgusted look on his face. I already knew that he didn't exactly approve, and the look on his faced amused me a little bit. She took off the clamps, and there was only a slight discomfort while she put the ring in. She had showed me how the ring opens and closes before she put it in. She told me that I could come in, in a few weeks if I wanted her to change the ring for me. I got information about cleaning it, and we stopped on the was home to get some disinfectant that the piercer had recommended.

Once everything was healed, I decided that the 14g rings were to big, and looked to large on my face, and bought a 16g one instead. It took me about 20 minutes of fidgeting with the ball closure ring to get it open, in the end I had to get a pair of small pliers to get the darn thing open, and switched it out for the 14g stud. I don't wear ball closure rings anymore, because it is almost impossible for me to take them out without help, and it frustrated me to no end.

My lip is now healed, and I have had absolutely no problems with it, (unless you count the adults around me giving me a few disapproving looks when they first saw it. It was much easier to get used to then I expected, except for the occasional times that I bite my lip because I mess with the back of it. I am just hoping that if I have to get braces soon, I will not have to remove it. I now want to get the other side of my lip done, stretching out my ears some more, and getting an anti eyebrow piercing. It was a very fun experience and I love my lip ring, and would very much like to become a piercer when I get older, I have always been very interested in tattoos and piercings, and for some reason, this experience has made me want to become one even more. Also, I was pleased that I got it done just a few days before student ID pictures were taken, and I now have my school ID card with my piercing. Graffix pleasure did a great job and I plan on going back for my next piercings.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 04 Oct. 2009
in Lip Piercing

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