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So I Chose Snakebites!

   So I had my industrial pierced in October 2008, and prior to that I have my lobes stretched, my auricle, which are all pretty normal ear piercings.  My mom is very against piercing, as she only has one lobe pierced and thinks that piercings are very painful and distasteful.  I'm a creative person and I am very fascinated by body piercing. 

I had been wanting my snakebites for a year, and my mom had always said no, or "When you're out of the house, you can get whatever you want pierced." Well in December she had said If I got good grades in May I could get one lip piercing, I was happy but I am a greedy person, so the month after I asked If I could get two.   My mom eventually said yes, but ONLY if I had good grades.  

About a month before I got pierced, I had changed my mind to getting spiderbites, because a lot of people were starting to get snakebites, and I wanted to have a different piercing.  I had developed an obsession for them, because they were so odd looking.  I had told my mom I wanted them instead, and she said that they would probably look better then snakebites anyways.  Then in June, we called up a shop in Louisiana and they said I wasn't old enough, I was crushed.  I spent about two weeks calling and researching shops and state laws, and found out that my home state, and the state next to me (Louisiana) had age restrictions I did not qualify for.  I forgot about Alabama... which is when I decided to call up a shop and ask the Alabama laws, and to my surprise, as long as I had a parent/guardian, I could get whatever, except a tattoo of course.

I had decided that I was going to a shop called Tattoo Zone, because I read reviews online that they were really great, and they were.

It was that big day, and we got food, and then headed for Mobile, Alabama, which is only about 45 minutes to an hour away from me.  I was really excited, picturing how they'd look, but I had this gut feeling whether to get spiderbites or snakebites.  I was really contemplating which to get as we were almost to the shop, then we got to the shop and the butterflies set in.  The same happened with my industrial, but I was still nervous. 

We walked inside, and it was really interesting, a bunch of tattoo work on the walls, the shop was very clean, and there was two guys at the desk, Byron who had a really cool tattoo on the back of his head, who was going to be my piercer.  He asked what we needed and I thought "Snakebites... spiderbites, which one?!" "I was wondering if I get snakebites?" Decision made.  He said where would you want them?  I showed him with my fingers the location, which is right under my lip, almost on the line.  He had my mom sign paperwork and he gave me some mouthwash to rinse with before he got started.  

I followed him to the back room where he was going to pierce me and he started talking to me about where I lived and how he had an odd experience there, which was really funny, finally my butterflies went away and I was  relatively calm.  He put some music on and got prepared.  He took a few minutes to mark the spots, which I liked because He was taking time on the spots, which I had no problem with, I wanted them to be perfect anyways!  He put the clamp on and told me to lean my head back and take a deep breath in and exhale.  When I exhaled the needle went in, and it was like a sting and pressure sensation, It was a needle so it did hurt but it was bearable, like biting your lip.  He put the jewelry in and continued on with the second hole, I knew what to expect and the pain was the same, it didn't hurt more than the second like many people say.  He told me to look in the mirror and see what I thought, I LOVED them.  I then thanked him and he told me about the cleaning and

healing, and we left. My mom said "No more facial piercings after this, don't even ask!" I was too satisfied to care.

Fast forward nine weeks later and they're healing great.  I've had some complications with them, because I had to hide them for school and so I just took the balls off the front and I swallowed one accidentally, so I had to hurry and get some more jewelry.  Then I had to switch to rings because I swallowed my last labret stud, which sucked.  I personally do NOT like rings because they were irritating and my holes hurt, and I always accidentally bit them.  Now I wear clear, flexible studs in them, so I can hide them for school, and I've only swallowed them twice. (Yay!)  My lip is almost healed, since it's been nine weeks.  I love them and my mom recently said I could get another piercing with good grades in May, so I've been doing BME research exploring what would look good with my piercings.  Many people think my piercings are either disgusting, amazing, odd, or weird, but either way, I like them and as long as I like them, I'm keeping them.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 20 Sept. 2009
in Lip Piercing

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Artist: Byron
Studio: Tattoo+Zone
Location: Mobile%2C+Alabama

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