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Snakebites - The Ultimate DIY Piercings

I've always wanted snakebites but never got the opportunity to get them because my parents are ignorant, closed-minded bitches. So, about two months after I turned eighteen and got my own place, I decided I was going to go for it. However, I didn't have to money to modify my body in much a way. What was I going to do?

Do it my damn self, of course.

My friend Gloria and I had talked the day before I decided to do it. Gloria has her ear lobes pierced twice, her cartilage pierced four times, snakebites, a labret, her nose and her navel pierced, all done by herself. She used an earring, just pushed it right through her skin after cleaning the post with peroxide. I am too much of a pussy to do it that way, and a little smarter I like to think, so I had to plan this carefully, which I did. Still, I told Gloria that I was going to do it. And indeed I did, much to everyone's surprise.

I got everything I needed and laid it out on the bathroom counter: two sewing needles, a lighter, a cup of boiled water, alcohol, peroxide, cotton swabs and two lip rings.

First, made little dots on my bottom lip where I wanted to piercings to be and swabbed the skin with peroxide. I have a very steady hand and got several compliments on how great they looked. One person said, "It looks crazy but at least they're even. I've seen so many people who did their own lip and it was all fucked up."

Next, I dipped the needle into the hot water and cleaned it with the alcohol. I wasn't trying to get infected, so I was pretty careful. After that, I burned the needle about halfway, further clearing it of any bacteria. By now I felt so fucking alive, it was amazing. I was finally getting snakebites. And I was doing it myself, which made them even more awesome.

After that, the rest was simple. I shoved the needles through my lip and let them stay there for a few minutes. Then I took them out, put the retainers in (I work at a hospital) and rinsed my mouth with peroxide.

Piece of cake.

I went to work the next day. I worked as a counselor for a summer camp sponsored by a homeless shelter. There, I could wear anything I wanted, which I did. Decked out in my new Converse, freshly dyed, cut and spiked black and blonde hair and more importantly, my sexy snakebites, I sauntered into the cafeteria area of my workplace. Everyone immediately burst into chatter. "Oh my God!" "What did you do to your hair?" "Does something look different on her?" "Your lip! You did it!" (I'd told a few people I was going to pierce myself.) "Look at you!" "You're crazy!"

I heard it all and looked at all of them like they were crazy. It was just two simple studs in my bottom lip and a little hair dye. I work with people who aren't really into my kind of body modification. They're more of the "Let me put on my weave and make up and go see who I can 'book' today," kind of people. They play it safe, which has never been my thing. They admire me for what they think is fearlessness and what I think is the desire to be different and be myself. I let them gush.

My boss asked me what I was going to do when it was time for me to start my next job at the hospital near my home. I told her that I'd already purchased retainers that I would wear and that I'd comb my hair back. Everything would be fine. She looked at me doubtfully and said, "I wish you hadn't done it yourself. I hope you don't get infected. The next time you want something pierced, please come to me and tell me. I will give you the money to get it done. Just please, don't do it yourself." I just laughed.

I sparked a trend with my appearance. By next week, half of the campers had pierced themselves, cut their hair or dyed it. The ones who couldn't or didn't want to do something that extreme wore safety pins in their ears, as I had the day I decided to debut my new look.

Piercing myself was one of the best things I've ever done. It was quick, painless and I'm ten times happier that I finally got them done. When I walk down the street, people stare. That's nothing new, though. I like to think that I'm a rather pretty girl but these stares are ones of awe, some of disgust. People looked shocked to see me looking such a way. I wonder if my being African-American adds to their shock. It's something to think about. Either way their stares don't faze me. I love the way I look. Body modification is cool.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 20 Sept. 2009
in Lip Piercing

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Artist: Myself
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