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Self-pierced Smiley!

When I was five, my brother turned 18 and went crazy with piercings. First, it was his cartilage, then his center lip, then his tongue, eyebrow, so on. From that age I had definitely been fascinated by piercings and wanted one since then, first lip, then monroe. I got the monroe, but found too many people had it, plus it irritated my gums. For my next one I didn't want one that everyone else would have, and the smiley was absolutely perfect.

So it all started when I noticed a girl at the mall with what appeared to be metal laying slightly over her two front teeth. I immediately said to myself, " That's so cool, I've never seen that before. I want it! " The problem was, I'm 14, with a mother strictly against any metal in my mouth (but she sure didn't mind putting braces on me in the 4th grade) or my face. As soon as I got home, I did my research and read about a few people who had in fact done this themselves. I wasn't exactly a stranger to pain- I had 9/16s at 12 (retired) and a monroe at 13 (also retired.) I thought to myself, this won't hurt so bad! And I decided to do it myself.

So on a boring Saturday night, I prepared the needle in boiling salt water and placed on some gloves, preparing the ring and figuring out where I would stick the metal through. I put a mirror in front of me and held the needle in my hand, thinking, " Maybe I shouldn't do it, maybe I should. " But I quickly put the point to my frenulum and pushed as far as I could. Call me a baby, but it stung. My hands began shaking and my heart beat faster and faster. I pushed a little farther and could see the needle peeking through the last part, and anyone who's done an at home piercing knows that the last past is probably the hardest to pass. Before I knew it, the needle was through! I sighed in relief and kept the needle there as I quickly send text messages to my closet friends to tell them what I had just done. About five minutes passed and I pulled out the ring, an 18G. I slowly pulled out the needle and made an attempt to put it in, fail! It wouldn't go through! I rushed to the bath room for better lighting and realized that it was halfway through- same thing that happened with the needle. I was sitting there on the sink for about five more minutes trying to dig the ring in, OUCH! Finally, it passed. I screwed the little ball on and looked in the mirror. I fell in love with it. I rinsed my mouth with some Crest mouth wash and took a shower. When I got out, I kept fearing it would rip out, seeing as I didn't pierce it far enough in. Big mistake, but it's been five days and it seems fine.

Except for the morning I woke up to it stinging like mad. I went to the bathroom to see if it had ripped or anything, because I could have sworn it did with the pain. It looked fine, it was healing. I shrugged it off but the pain followed throughout the day, subsiding in the evening.

Anyway, this piercing definitely grabs attention! It's easy to pull off and turns heads. Everyone at my school is always asking if it hurt, I like to exaggerate just to scare them, :D

I'm still often scared it will rip out. I definitely should have pierced it farther in!

In conclusion, I would not recommend doing this at home, get a professional! The first few days were difficult. I had to be extremely careful while brushing my teeth. I could hardly eat because it was terribly sore. If you're to get this piercing, it helps a lot to chew from only one side of your mouth and don't bite with your front teeth. But it's much better now, and I can't tell you how much I love people's expressions when they see that metal overlying my teeth. It's so worth it, it doesn't look like you have anything in your teeth as long as you stay away from any black ring. If you want it, get it! You'll love it. I do :] And so does everyone else. (By the way, my mom has yet to notice, hehehe.)

Note: This experience is all from doing this by myself, yours will be different if done professionally, which I think everyone should do. No matter how young you are or how bored you are, infections and wrong placing is always a possibility. Happy piercing!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 20 Sept. 2009
in Lip Piercing

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