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My beautiful Ashley piercing!

Hey I'm Mia, and I love body-mod of all kind! Sadly I'm under 18, so I can really only have piercings and my lobes stretched. I am no stranger to bmezine, and I've been surfing it for a few years now.

A few months ago, I was surfing wiki.bmezine.com

I came across the Ashley piercing, I instantly fell inlove with it.

It's such a pretty dainty, feminine yet rare and edgy piercing.

Alot of things had stopped me from getting this piercing, one being my job. My mum only liked nose studs and monroe piercings but I lived with my dad and he was fine with my piercings and stretched lobes.

After payday, which is every Wednesday I decided I really wanted a new piercing, because I had to take my second septum ring out.

I have had my monroe and bottom lip and I wanted something that'd suit my tiny cupid-ey lips.

I decided to get an Ashley piercing, I'd wanted one for ages so why not!.

I went with my friend Jarryd who was friends with a piercer, the piercer's name was Bill and he was a piercer at a piercing studio with a bad rep (essential beauty). But Jarryd assured me, Bill was a really good piercer and had done most of his piercings.

It took me a few minutes to explain to Bill what an Ashley piercing was with Jarryd's help.

Bill had never performed one of these, but he's probabaly now one of the only piercers in Adelaide that have.

I sat in the piercing room with Jarryd holding my hand and Bill getting the clamps, needles and a curved barbell all out of sterile packaging.

I wasn't all that nervous, 'I've had two septum rings so this should be nothing!' I thought to myself.

Once Bill was ready, he marked out the holes, and asked me if I liked the position the ball would be showing, at first Bill had thought the ball that was on the inside of my mouth may show, and it took a few minutes to measure everything up and we changed the position of everything heaps. But once Bill had marked a small dot in a place I liked I thought it was perfect.

Bill asked if I was ready, and I told him I was.

I closed my eyes (I always close my eyes when I get pierced, I don't know why) and felt a sharp stinging sensation and my eyes watered a teeny bit. Within a few seconds Bill told me the piercing was all done, and he just needed to put the jewelery in. After he put the jewelery in, him and Jarryd crowded around and exclaimed how good they thought the piercing looked. I looked in the mirror behind me, and agreed that the piercing looked really amazing and it was something special. I showed everyone my new piercing that night, and basically everyone liked it and many people commented on how they'd never seen the piercing before. My lip ached for a day afterwards, and it swelled up alot the next day- which is why I'm glad the longest bar Bill could find was inserted.

The first meal I ate was really interesting, I got a chicken wrap from a little chicken place in the mall. I tried not to let the ball of my piercing hit or bump onto any food, and I failed at that.

Since the barbell had two balls on each end, it felt a bit annoying and strange and first to have one in my mouth.

I can eat fine now, sometimes I have some complications but I usually get over them. My piercing sometimes gets in the way of things, like laughing or smiling or yeah. But it's nothing big.

It's been 3 days, and my lip has swelled- for work I take the ball off my piercing and my manager doesn't mind. I clean the piercing with salt soaks twice a day, I hope this piercing doesn't reject because it's so beautiful and unique, and alot of people comment on it's originality.

Even my mum likes it! Which is always a bonus.

If you're thinking of getting an ashley piercing, go for it! They're cute and feminine.

If you have any questions please feel free to email me! Or if you've had non rejection and success with this piercing please email me aswell.

I'm hoping my beautiful piercing doesn't reject.

My ashley was pierced with a curved barbell, at first I thought it would be better to be pierced with a standard labret barbell (straight bar, with a flat disc at the back) but I now understand why I was pierced with a curved barbell, I'm pretty sure an Ashley piercing should or in most cases would be classed as a surface piercing. I'm doing mild salt soaks twice a day, and my piercing is healing up fine. I'm really happy with how my ashley has turned out, and I recommend it to anyone!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 20 Sept. 2009
in Lip Piercing

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