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The long awaited lip

Firstly, I will say I do not approve of Do It Yourself piercing unless you REALLY know what your doing and have sterile equipment, You can really screw up your body. Being untrained and piercing yourself and others can have serious complications such as, infections of varying degrees (Minor swelling all the way up to full blown septicemia), bad placement ( being crooked, cutting off the circulation, passing through capillaries or arteries etc) massive scar tissue, and it puts you at higher risk of hypertrophic and keloid scars from excessive trauma. I practically grew up in a tattoo shop and have witnessed and assisted in many piercing procedures and also have researched anatomy and know how to prevent cross contamination/blood borne pathogens. I would also like to add that just because you've stuck a needle through your ear before doesn't mean that you are qualified to pierce yourself or others for that matter. Anyway. Here goes nothing.

I had been wanting a lip piercing for quite some time now and having done quite a few of my own piercings I figured I would be the one to pierce my lip. Also, my primary piercer whom has done all of my piercings since I was seven years old was currently four hours away from me, and always told me "Don't let anyone you don't trust near you with a needle" And I figured I trusted myself more than the skanky piercists here. I had a previously failed attempt at my lip piercing as I was interrupted before and contaminated my equipment. I set everything up, sterile 16g piercing canula, (shipping error sent me 16g needles instead of 14g) 14g taper, 14g 316L implant grade surgical steel labret stud, single use package of vaseline, autoclaved forceps and sterile gloves still in the packages.

I washed my hands, put on my gloves and grabbed the 'tongs'. I repeatedly double-checked my placement, looking for nerve clusters, capillaries, veins etc. Once I found a good placement, both anatomically sound and visually appealing, I began to push the needle through, the first layer of skin wasn't so bad just a little stinging sensation but as I went on the pain slowly got more intense. The last layer of inner lip flesh hurt quite a bit as the tissue is quite elastic. I got the canula in and I was on an adrenaline rush so my hands were shaky. I preceded to remove the canula which was followed by the taper the taper which was the worst part, it felt like I was holding a vice on my lip and clamping down harder each time. (I will note that I have been pierced a total of 36 times and I have a high pain tolerance. So if you or someone else does go and get a lip piercing, it might hurt substantially more)

I got the labret stud in and screwed the ball on tightly and looked in the mirror to see my craftmanship, I loved the placement. I had wanted this off-center lip piercing for a while and was now looking at the beauty that I had created.

I cleaned myself up with dial soap and 50/50 listerine and water, standard procedure. Although I did get an infection as I was just waking up and wasn't thinking as I bit down on the inside of the stud and yanked the stud into my lip while it had dried lymphatic fluid on it and it slightly cut the superior hole of my lip. Antibiotics, dial soap cleaning and sea salt soaks cleared it up quickly though.

It has been a bit over two weeks now and there are no other problems to report other than slight redness around the outside of the piercing from hitting it accidentally with something, and just some very minor swelling, nothing major. I do plan on creating symmetry and piercing the other side as soon as my original lip piercing heals and there is no longer irritation of the piercing.

I love piercings and all body modifications. I am currently seeking out a piercing apprenticeship. Which is hard as I am still in college getting an A.S in Human services. I just have that as a back up, my life's dream is to be a piercist. It has been since I was introduced to the body modification world so long ago.

Wow.. I just looked at this and realized I practically wrote an instruction manual. I wrote so mechanically, I didn't even realize.

Anyway if you'd like to contact me or ask me any questions (I will not give you detailed instructions on DIY piercings, as I will not aid some idiot in sticking a rusty sewing needle through their body, I will how ever tell you the risks and cons of DIY piercing without having any experience) my email is [email protected] or my myspace myspace.com/italianember


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 21 Dec. 2008
in Lip Piercing

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