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Piercing my own lip.

I've seen lip piercings before and I decided that I wanted one. I would never pierce my nose, tongue, or eyebrow but there was something about a lip piercing that I liked. It must of have been the fact that allot of my favorite musicians in bands had their lips pierced and so did some people I knew and I thought it looked awesome. I decided to ask my mom if I could get it pierced. I already knew her answer but I decided to ask anyways. So I did and she answered "No! I think it looks tacky". This made me angry because she never lets me do anything I want with myself, so I gave up. About a month later I have been reading online stories about lip piercings, the risks, and problems and how to fix them, and looking at pictures. It never really occurred to me that I could do it myself or that I ever would. Until I saw an article about piercing your own lip. Someone's success story about piercing their own lip. Then I googled more self-piercing stories and some were good and others
went terribly wrong. I have pierced my own ears and I thought I want to pierce my own lip.

About three weeks ago I got all the stuff together to do the piercing. I tried to get a piercing needle but there wasn't a way I could do that without my mom finding out so I got a very think sewing needle (which wasn't that smart I have learned) the needle was about as thick as a 16g lip ring so I thought it would be ok. I did another very stupid thing which was used a regular earring stud as the ring, but I will get to that later. After I gathered the things I needed. I soaked the stud and the needle in hot water then switched them over to hydrogen peroxide to make sure everything was clean. I cleaned my hands and the surrounding area just to be as safe as possible.

I thought about if it would hurt, so I got some ice and numbed my lip by holding it on there for about 5 minutes. The numbness wore off before I even pierced it so I just decided to go through with it.

The fun part was trying to get the needle through my lip. It did hurt, but that was because I was nervous, scared, and because the needle was dull. I marked on the left side of my lip with eyeliner where I wanted to pierce it and took the needle and started poking at it to see if it would hurt or how it felt and it felt how I thought it would. Getting poked with a needle. I held my breath and pushed a little harder and it went through a little bit, no blood, so I pushed harder now and it didn't go through. I tried a little harder for about 5 minutes and by then I realized that it was half way through. Being a dull needle, it made my lip hurt because I was pushing it through my lip. I took out the needle halfway through and looked. You couldn't really see anything it looked like I had a cold sore that had gotten opened. I rinsed it off and decided to finish what I started. I pushed the needle through harder this time and braced myself it went through to the last layer of skin
in the back. I read that the last layer inside your mouth stretches like crazy so I was ready for it. I pushed very hard and it wouldn't go through. I tried again and I saw the silver of the needle immerge and I was overjoyed! I had pierced my own lip! It hurt and I was scared to take out the needle so I sat in the bathroom looking in the mirror for about 10 minutes with a needle in my lip. I started to think that I would have to put the stud in soon enough; I couldn't walk around with a needle in my lip. Well I could, but it would be weird.

I started to slowly take out the needle and it hurt so badly it stung but I did it and quickly put the stud in. It was a gold ball piercing stud I used when I was piercing my ears. I got it through the front but I couldn't find the hole in the back so I got a little angry and decided just to make another once since the stud was sharp at the end I just pushed and made another. I took the backing and put it on. This didn't hurt much because it wasn't swollen yet. I was so happy to look in the mirror and see I pierced my own lip. As soon as I finished my mom got home and I got scared and started thinking, what if she sees it? So I looked around the bathroom for something to hide it with. I get cold sores allot and my mom knew that so I put some cold sore cream over the stud (once again not smart) and it was completely concealed. I walked over to my mom and she didn't say anything, but just to be safe I tried not to talk much. That night I went to bed early with the stud in becau se it started to swell and hurt.

The next morning I woke up and forgot I had the stud in and I somehow it my mouth and it hurt so badly. I looked into the mirror and it looked fine just a little swollen. I didn't take it out over the next few days. I left it in for about 3 days and the swelling went down by then, but the stud I had put in, the backing started to make an imprint on my lip and started to look like it was growing into my lip. I decided to take it out which hurt allot and was very difficult. I had to have one of my friend at school help me get it out. As soon as I got home the hole had scabbed over and I pushed on the back with my tongue and some white/yellow fluid came out, but not allot. I got a little worried and cleaned the stud and the hole then put the stud back in.

Everyday afterschool I would take the stud out when I was around my parents and put it back in at night. It would be out for about 4-6 hours at a time and in the rest. The back of the hole closed a few times but I re-opened it.

After about a week I realized I would soon have to get a ring or a real lip stud to put in my lip before I got it infected (and surprisingly enough it wasn't already) so I went to a store that had lip rings and got one at a 16g. This was bigger than the piercing I currently had which was around a 20-18g because of the earring. When I got home I decided to try to put it in. I got a Captive Ball Ring for it and I had been reading about how to open and close them.

I adjusted the ring size so I would easily take the ball in and out by myself without the pliers. It was hard at first but I got used to it. The only problem was getting it in my lip. I had to try and force it in and it didn't work so I got the safety pin I originally used and pushed it through the piercing again to stretch it. It was hard and kind of hurt a bit but it worked. After I got the ring and put it in. The difficult part was getting the ball in. But I got it in and it looked great. So I went to sleep. Every day I took the ring out after school and put it back in when my parents were gone. After about a week I got used to it and now I have had my lip pierced for about 3 weeks with really no problems and no infection and my parents still don't know. I know they will find out eventually but at least it will be healed by then.

My healing time has been more than doubled since I keep taking it out but it's ok with me as long and it doesn't get infected. I do not recommend that anyone pierces their own lip, because I got lucky and nothing happened yet but something still can happen, you never know. It was a stupid choice and I might end up regretting it. If you do it yourself make sure you do the research of how to do it correctly and do not take my example. Please get it done professionally.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 21 Dec. 2008
in Lip Piercing

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