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Out of Instinct

One day at school I decided I wanted a new piercing. I already had my navel, and three in each ear, but as most people who have been pierced know, you always crave more. I came to the conclusion that i would really enjoy a lip ring, something to play with, something noticeable. I asked people if should get my labret pierced, or my madonna (monroe). I had most of my friends say that I would look great with a madonna, that I could really pull it off unlike some other some people. But there are always those few people who ask why you would want to ruin your face. The day went on and I spent my lunch time looking up the piercings and the aftercare. It seemed pretty simply to me, and my friends who have lip rings said it doesn't hurt at all (I'm not to great with pain).  
Finally the end bell came and I told my boyfriend we would head downtown to compare prices at different stores to see where I would get it done. I asked one store how old you have to be to get your madonna pierced (this is what I decided to get) and they said they won't even pierce it unless your eighteen. I looked around for about half an hour trying numerous different stores and finally decided on Tattoo-U. I had had my navel pierced twice there, and I loved my piercer. It was well priced, and they just got a new shop which was very well decorated and calming. I was very nervous about the pain, and decided to go and buy some numbing gel. My boyfriend offered I used "other calming methods" but I decided drugs probably weren't the best thing in this situation.  
We headed to the store, I made sure I ate before hand because I passed out when I got my belly button pierced due to an empty stomach. I went in shaking, signed my papers, paid and walked into the back room. She calmed me down, told me all about it, and then pulled out the needle. I started sweating and shaking, but my boyfriend reassured me that it wasn't going to be that bad. She marked my lip where she thought I should get it, but I didn't like the placement. I mean if I'm going to get something I want to be permanent, I better make it worth while. We moved the placement about five times before I finally liked how it looked. She tilted the chair back, and put the clamp on letting me hold it. I closed my eyes and she said she would count to three. I thought to myself, okay here it goes, 1-2-3. Nothing... And then I felt the tip of the needle resting on my lip, 1-2-3 and the needle was threw. Insanely enough, I had forgot to put the numbing gel on and I still didn't feel a

single thing! I opened my eyes, and almost fainted, seeing the huge needle still sticking out of my face. I closed my eyes tightly again while she slid the jewelry in. I was to scared to move my face at all what-so-ever. She handed me a mirror, and told me to make faces move it around, but I was to scared that I'd get sharp pains all through my face. My boyfriend told me I looked amazing, and I just kept saying I can't believe I really did it. I thanked my piercer exited the store and sat in the car with my boyfriend. I couldn't stop looking at it! I loved it! I got it done about a month ago, and I would never regret it. I still have the initial jewelry in but can't wait to trade it for a cute little diamond. I'm addicted. I'm already saving up to get my nose pierced (on the opposite side of course) and also to get my tongue pierced. I don't think I would ever go as far as getting my nipples or genitals pierced, but I never say never. I have thought about getting my clit pierced, but as I said before I'm not good with pain, and I would probably chicken out. I love piercings, and I believe they add personality to everybody. My advice for those debating on getting their monroe, or any piercing, draw a dot on, see how it looks, or even buy little stick on diamonds, see how it looks. I did that for about a week every morning. I would draw a little black dot of eyeliner on my lip, and I fell in love with more and more every morning. I am very excited to save up and get more piercings, and even if I get tired of one, I can simply take it out, and get a new one.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 21 Dec. 2008
in Lip Piercing

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Artist: Susan
Studio: Tattoo-U
Location: Canada

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