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My Smilie piercing!

My Smilie :)

I got this piercing when I went into my second year at Uni. I'd waited during my first year and didn't rush into any piercings or mod's mainly because I wasn't sure what I wanted, but also because I didn't want my parents to think because I'd left home I'd go off the rails. Other than my ears (8 piercings in each) the only other piercing I'd got was my nostril, as a present to myself for my birthday. I'd always wanted something a bit quirky and different, but I wanted something I could hide as well. My boyfriend offered to pay for me to get a smilie as a present from him for my birthday so I thought, well why the hell not! It was such a long time ago I can't remember who I took with me, I think I brought my boyfriend and my best mate with me for moral support. We went to my usual studio, Dragons Den in Bangor. It wasn't actually my piercer who was in the reception, but another one of the lads that works there. I told him what I wanted and he said it was a really nice piercing and though it wasn't that common, Karl had done one the other day. We waited for Karl to come back to the shop in the reception area and I was getting more and more nervous.

When he got back he took us to the piercing room and I jumped up onto the bench and we all chatted for a while. That's what I love about Karl, you don't just go there for a piercing, you end up spending an hour there chatting and talking, he really relaxes you. He asked what colour ring I wanted and there was a cute little green one (not something I'd usually choose but it was so nice!) so I chose that. Te piercing procedure was very very awkward. Karl told me to open my mouth and I dried it with some tissue that he gave me. He gave me some extra tissue because he said I'd probably end up dribbling. He decided to freeze the top of my mouth where he was piercing and I've got to say, it was SO weird. It froze the piece of skin but it was also going into my mouth and pooling in my throat (He'd told me not to swallow it because it was toxic). Not only did it numb the top of my mouth, but it numbed my tongue, and the back of my throat.

To do this piercing he had to custom bend the needle because he wasn't using a clamp. It took so long to actually pierce it because I couldn't stop my top lip flopping over. Eventually he got the needle through, and then he snipped off the end. Now when he did this I honestly thought that the bit he snipped off had fallen into my mouth and down into my throat. I could feel something in the back of my throat and I was really scared that I was going to choke on whatever it was that he'd cut off (which I didn't know what it was at that point, I'd never paid attention to any piercings being done before so I wasn't sure of the procedure). Eventually while he was trying to get the ring in my lip I was going to tell him there was something in my throat and when I moved my tongue, I couldn't feel it anymore. I realised then because my tongue had been numbed it had moved to the back of my mouth and although my tongue couldn't feel anything, my throat could feel my tongue against the back of it!

Eventually he got the ring in and popped the ball into it. I jumped up and looked in the mirror. It looked fantastic! So pretty in an odd type of way! We carried on talking and I tried to thank him for doing it so well but because half my mouth was still numbed I sort of mumbled it while it felt like my mouth was twice the size it actually was! We went into the reception and my boyfriend paid them the £25 and he told me that I probably wouldn't have to clean it much, because an oral piercing like that is pretty self healing. He told me to swig mouthwash whenever I ate and before I went to bed so that's what I did. It has to be the easiest piercing to heal. I never had ANY problems with it at all. I did have problems eating though. Normal chopped up food was fine, but if I was eating something like a sandwich or a burger which I had to chomp with my front teeth it did catch and hurt if I wasn't being careful.

I changed the jewellery to go home for the holiday, a little bar that you can't see at all when it's in. It feels a bit weird at first because it rubbed a little on my gums but I used to forget I'd even got it in after a while. I don't wear it all that much now (I have a medusa and it catches on the back of the stud a lot) but I LOVED all the comments I used to get on it (I don't get so many now because my face is full of metal!) but people really notice it when you've got hardly any visible piercings. It was usually 'oh my god have you got your GUM pierced?!' and 'did that hurt?!'. I didn't really mind people asking, some people et annoyed at questions like that but I loved the attention!

I'd recommend this piercing to anyone who's thinking about it. It's such an easy piercing to heal and it looks so stunning, and it really catches people attention!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 21 Dec. 2008
in Lip Piercing

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Artist: Karl
Studio: Dragons+Den
Location: Bangor%2C+North+Wales.

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