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My lovely little monroe...what an easy piercing!

My first experience with a piercing was when I was 13; I had begged my mom and dad to let me get my ears pierced, so for my 13 birthday they finally caved but refused to go with me. My aunt drove me down to the local jewelry shop on main st. in our little town of Toledo,OR where they did ear piercings.

Flash forward to present time. I'm 22 and now have 6 piercings total; ears, tongue, navel, nostril, and my most current my monroe :) lets not leave out a tribal black work tattoo on my lower back.

My monroe obsession started about a week ago. My little sister was in town to celebrate her 18th birthday. She was going to get a tattoo and I was getting that itch...the piercing itch. I knew I wanted something but I didn't know what. I contemplated getting my nape done, but decided against it. I also thought about getting a dermal anchor on my sternum, but decided I wasn't ready for that kind of commitment. Then it came to me while I was wandering around the BMEzine site like I do so often. I wanted a monroe. I didn't just want it, I had to HAVE it!

I looked at several pictures, read a couple stories, watched youtube; and decided that while my sister was getting her tattoo I would get a lovely little monroe piercing. Sadly it didn't end up like that. I spoke to my boss and he said we would have to talk about; I was the office manger in an auto body shop; I was also the only female and needed to be presentable when the boys couldn't. As he remembered, facial piercings were not acceptable in the work place- per the employee handbook. Damn employee handbooks, ruining all my fun. Yet there was a glimmer of hope when he told me he wouldn't mind if it was subtle; he didn't want to be the "boss" that didn't allow his employees to express themselves. At that point I didn't care how, but I was going to convince him and be back the following weekend for the special the piercing/tattoo shop had going on!

Flash forward a week to yesterday. I put together a list of links showing what I wanted, and a link of the jewelry, what a retainer looked like, and the healing/cleaning process. He agreed, on the only stipulation that if I came back Monday and it looked gross and infected I would have to put a band aid over it. I happily agreed, and felt satisfied with a mission of convincing accomplished.

I met my best friend, Jen, at her work at 8:30pm and she took me downtown to where we get our piercings. The shop is High Priestess Piercing and Tattoo! only the best shop ever! I've been here several times and they all know me by name! We walked in to the shop and it was SUPER busy; they were having a $10 piercing special with the cost of jewelry; they were raising money for the local animal shelter! I chatted with Alex who works the counter, he asked what I wanted and I said a "monroe". I was beaming. I picked out my jewelry. A 14g 4mm ball with a pretty little stone in it that picked up all the colors of the rainbow. He took my i.d., made a photo copy, handed me my paper work and told me how long a wait it would be. Jen and I took a seat on the comfy leather love seat in the waiting parlor and I filled out my paperwork. I was so excited and so nervous all at the same time! I returned my paperwork to Alex, and told him we were going next door to get some orange j uice for me. We came back orange juice in hand and I gulped it down feeling instantly better. 10 minutes later they called my name "Micah". This was it, I was so excited.

Jim had Jen and I follow him back to the piercing room and he closed the door. I took a seat on the chair that reminded me of the dentist office and relaxed. Jim reconfirmed I wanted a Monroe. I said yes so enthusiastically, you would have thought my whole life had been leading up to this moment lol. He asked what side and I told him the left, because I didn't want to be Madonna; I don't like her as much as I like Marilyn! He laughed said he had never heard that before and asked if he could use it next time he was going to pierce a monroe/madonna. I agreed, and told him to make sure everyone knew I came up with it LOL. He washed down my lip with a piece of gauze saturated in iodine, grabbed a tooth pick put a little ink on the end and placed a dot on my upper lip. He didn't like the first dot so he wiped it off and did it again slightly higher. I got up and looked at it in the mirror; it was perfect. Exactly where I dotted my eyeliner earlier that evening, when tryi ng to decide where I wanted it.

He handed me a small cup with Tech 2000 non-alcoholic mouth wash and had me swish for 60 secs. When I was done I spit it back into the cup and he threw it away. Changed his gloves, prepped the jewelry and the needle. Changed his gloves again, and told me to relax. I'm not very good at doing that. They've learned by now. I watched him pick up the hollow needle..."Zoe My God". Jim laughed and said he loved that part. He held the needle next to my lip to measure everything up. He told me to relax again, and to take a deep breath. He pulled my lip out (no clamps here ladies and gentleman), and shoved the needle from the inside of my lip out. I didn't feel the needle until it came out through the top layer of skin; and even then it was a pinch. He threaded the jewelry up after the needle and I was done. That simple. Less than a minute. I told Jim and Jen it was the least painful piercing, Jen quipped back with "your facial expression said otherwise". We all had a l augh, I jumped up, looked in the mirror, and felt instant satisfaction! The barbell was long and sticking out of my face; I was okay with it because I expected swelling, and knew that in 2 weeks I could come back and Jim would put in a much shorter barbell for me. I sat back down and talked about the cleaning healing process. Rinse with salt water several times a day, and rinse with the Tech 2000 they supplied in all oral piercing goodie bags, after every time something entered my mouth; just like when having a tongue piercing. I was to soak and swab the outside like I did my navel and nose piercing. Easy enough, I was feeling like a pro at this point. I thanked Jim told him as always it was fun; he thanked Jen and I said like wise, he always has fun when we stop by. I grabbed my purse and walked out to the counter to pay. Alex greeted me with a "hey that looks hot on you" I blushed. He told me $40 and I gladly paid (it's originally like $65). He handed me my goodi e bag and told me to stop by more often. Jen and I left and I felt satisfied. She drove me back to where I had left my car and sent me on my way. I stopped by the local safeway and picked up q-tips, cotton balls, tea, and popcicles; you know the important stuff. I went home washed the piercing and went to bed.

As of today, I have no swelling. It doesn't hurt, just ever so slightly tender. Barely enough for me to even notice. The only thing I find annoying is the back of the stud; it rubs on my gums and occasionally gets caught on my canine tooth. In 2 weeks though I know it will all be worth it.

In the end I would have to say that this is such an easy piercing the pain factor was almost nothing. I didn't even feel the needle until it exited the outer layer of my skin. Even when he was placing in the jewelry it didn't hurt. I really like my new monroe and I'm so happy I did it. The adrenaline rush I go after was amazing!

If you're in the area I strongly suggest High Priestess they really are the best at what they do; no question about it. Stop in and tell Jim or Alex, Micah sent you :)


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 21 Dec. 2008
in Lip Piercing

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Artist: Jim
Studio: High+Priestess+Piercing+and+Tattoo
Location: U+of+O+campus+location++++Eugene%2C+Oregon

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