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My beautiful monroe

Well I have wanted the Monroe piercing for awhile but did not know if I wanted two facial piercings. (I already have my nose pierced.) I am on my way to becoming a lawyer and I know that having piercings is not going to look professional in that field. I started doing some more research on line and looked at images and it just looked so elegant. This was something that I definitely would go for but since I had my nose I did not want to give people the wrong impression about me. Singing is also very important to me and my teacher had forbidden me to get a tongue piercing so I figured the Monroe was the next best thing. This was also more feminine and something suited towards my taste. I also know that there are a lot of jobs that do not let you have facial piercings. Then as I started thing about it more, I figured what the hell, I might as well get it done now, and than regret never doing it.

I called up my friend Jill and asked her when she would be willing to drive me to get my Monroe piercing. (I'm currently at college where freshmen are not allowed to have cars.) She told me she would be able to pick me up in about two hours! I also asked which piercing studio we should go to. Jill has many piercings including her navel, tongue, nose, lip, tragus, and several more in her ear. She recommended going to Starlight tattoo. I looked up Starlight Tattoo and a piercer named Dominick. It said he had been piercing since 1995 which made me feel very secure. I also went to other websites that mentioned how clean a studio should be, how the needles and clamps should be new, and that you want a piercer with a good length of time experience. The next day Jill came and picked me up and brought me to Starlight, where she had gotten her lip pierced a month before. I noticed that her lip had healed very nicely so I had a good feeling about this place.

We arrived at the studio which was very tidy and clean. I filed out all the information and showed them my license. I paid about $72. Then I went with downstairs to the piercing studio. I had brought my roommate for support as well. Dominick was very nice and was good at calming me down. He made small conversation and told a few jokes which made me feel better. Then he cleaned the seat and told me to gargle with mouthwash for a minute. Then I was able to pick out the type of stud, and was delighted to see I was able to get a diamond stud, instead of the silver ball. They also had cute little pink ones. Then he had me sit down so that he could measure my lip. This of course made my roommate start laughing so I had to pause and regain composure. After my nervous laughing fit, Dominick made a mark and when I looked in the mirror I felt that the placement was perfect. He made several more markings as well to make sure I would have it in the right spot. I still wanted the initial
marking so he wiped off the other marks with alcohol and told me to lay back.

He withdrew the needle from the package. Then he used new clamps and put them on my upper lip. I grabbed my friend Tiffany's hand for support. He told me to take a deep breath in, and then exhale. As I exhaled, I felt the needle pierce through my skin. It was quick but definitely hurt. I had tears in my eyes and as he slipped the bar through I could see a little bit of blood in the mirror. Then he finished cleaning me up and gave me a small hand mirror. It looked perfect. He read the list of instructions and told me which products to buy and to come back in 3 weeks so that he could put in the smaller bar. I got this done yesterday and its doing great. The swelling is minimal and there is no discomfort. I strongly recommend Dominick and this piercing studio. He made me feel at ease and the process went very smoothly. All in all, if you're considering the Monroe piercing definitely go for it!

Also, I recommend using the Dial antibacterial soap, and iodine free sea salt. Also for mouthwash, get crest pro health, alcohol free. I searched the web and talked to doctors and my piercer and apparently these are the best things out there. I also used the soap and salt when I had my nose pierced and that healed very nicely.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 21 Dec. 2008
in Lip Piercing

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Artist: Dominick
Studio: Starlight+Tattoo
Location: Belleville+NJ

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