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Monroe Troubles.

I was totally stoked to get my monroe done, I used to think it was the most gorgeous piercing of all. Which falls into one of my very many Marilyn Monroe obsessions.

I was only 14 when i became interested in it, and I previously had my nose done. My mom thought it was a big deal to let other people stab at my genuine face, but the fact of metal in it didn't bother her.

We drove about an hour to the nearest (legal) piercer. I grew nervous within every kilometer. By the time we stepped foot in the shop I nearly fainted due to my nerves.

The studio was one medium sized room. It had a thin but durable wall separating to where the piercing bed and tools are, with a door to "the back" where my piercer came from. Probably a hangout. The studio was very organized, and clean. Even through it was small it was very welcoming.

I didn't have to wait, there was nobody else in the studio. He fronted my mom and I from behind a see-through jewelry case/desk.

There were pictures in my piercers portfolio of corsets and surfaces, so I trusted he was qualified to do this. He also had his cheeks, 1/2'' ears, and a bridge. He definitely owned me in the piercing department, but my 11/16'' ears owned his. Hehe.

He didn't speak english very well, and I don't speak french the best so there were little to no questions and comments. He simply asked "what?" and "which side?".

I got asked for allergies and filled out my form, putting pen to paper relaxes me in a way, so I was fairly comfortable in my skin. It's when I got to pick out my jewelry and got showed the needle when I jumped out of my skin!

My mom paid my 70 bucks and then he took me into the small divided room. My mom couldn't fit in so she stood in the entrance way to watch. He cleaned my chosen jewelry, opened the needle, opened the clamp, and laid everything out.

Next he cleaned my lip from the outside and asked me to gargle for 50 seconds. He made a small dot on my lip, about the middle from my nose and lip-line. I thought it was too close to the middle, and asked him to move it out more. He did so, and I liked the mark.

I was antsy, and sweating. My first professional piercing was about to take place. I tried to get relaxed in the white chair/bed, and he told me how to breathe, and we practiced my breathing.

The practice was over and now it was the real deal, he put the needle through (yes, finally!) while i breathed out. The jewelry I chose was a plastic retainer with a blue pop in stud. It went on with no fighting.

My adrenaline rush was gone a second later. I felt so plain, I thought it would have been more intense like the piercing videos Youtube shows. I simply shrugged and thought, "All that sweat for that?"

My favorite part was looking in the mirror. I loved it. It was beautiful. I couldn't stop smiling and saying thank-you in french.

He gave me my special non-alcoholic mouth wash and cleaner. I walked out smiling. I got in the car and popped down my mirror. No swelling, just redness. I was sort-of scared to move my upper lip excessively when I spoke because I thought I would hurt it.

I was gently speaking and opening my mouth for about the whole hour I spent at the mall with my mom. She could tell I was being careful. What she didn't know was that i was walking into stores just to simply show it off to workers and customers without piercings. Boy- was I on my high horse. You should have seen me when i got back into town! i went to school the next day smiling and answering, "No it didn't hurt!", or "It was 70 bucks."

My monroe issues began after it healed, about a month afterwards. It would go red and itchy in the cold. I asked around, all my friends with piercings said there was no infection.

Also when I ate, or laughed it would get caught under my teeth. Eventually it began to reject partially. When the back wasn't under my teeth, it was rubbing against my gums.

Even though my piercer was A-M-A-Z-I-N-G, I took my monroe out. It just wasn't for me. I am getting a vertical medusa because I don't want anything in my mouth ever again!

If you want a monroe, get one! They are quick, and painless. They also look beautiful! I suggest if you are irritable (like me) not to get it as it is always "there".


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 21 Dec. 2008
in Lip Piercing

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Artist: Guy+from+Quebec
Studio: Trous+Partout
Location: Quebec

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