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give me your hand!!!

I was walking around my senior high school recently and a boy came to me, for the safety of bystanders, we'll call him john. So john comes over to me and says that he has a request. I was skeptical because I usually just go unnoticed by near everybody in the entire school so that nobody wants anything from me. Not that I'm lazy, I just like low expectations from me. He approaches in a sulky type of walk and asks if I could do him a favor. I saw pen markings on his lower lip so I saw where this was going. It was just going to be another ungrateful person coming to see me for a piercing that they will never pay me for. I had done a multitude of piercings being only eighteen years of age and I know what I'm doing, but the people I worked with were for the most part, still in high school. I ended up giving out more piercings than I bargained for. I hated the immature brats of that school. I still do. They would come to me, tell me that they wanted something, and then either pussy out, or just not bring their money. I knew that this would probably be no different as I had never known this john guy to be terribly responsible. He asked me if I could do snakebites for him. Check, The FrEak was right once more.

He went on to explain, "I went to "B U" yesterday to get it done and the guy marked it and then asked if I was old enough and I'm only sixteen so he made me leave. I was in hopes you could help me out."

I looked at him for a moment, judging his posture, behaviorisms, and poise. He carried himself very poorly, like he was a zombie or something. By this I assumed that he would be lazy and let it get infected and make me look bad. So I began my analysis. I told him the procedure, he didn't mind pain. I told him the after-care, he said he would commit. I told him that if it got infected, it was only his fault; he said he would be mature. I told him that he would pay me or I would take his rings and they would shut, he said, "Is cash alright?"

I said that I would do it. He seemed like someone who could handle himself, if it were absolutely necessary. I approved of that because this situation entailed that exact absolute necessity. He said he could do it. That was enough for me. I asked him when he wanted to do it and he asked if tomorrow during school would work. I said it was fine and that we could do it during lunch. I told my assistant, who is also my girlfriend that I would need her help tomorrow and she said it was fine.

I met up with john during lunch and we snuck away to a more secluded area. I told him it was time. He knew the procedure because I already told it to him. I lined up one of the clamps on the faded marks from the day before. I had him take a deep breath and then blow it out fast. He did so and I stabbed the first needle through his lip. He nearly screamed. I was thinking that he was a serious pussy. But at least he showed up. It made me laugh. I popped a captive bead ring. I put the ball in by hand. Then I told him it was time for the second and asked if he wanted to let to stop, and silently thinking, confirm what I was thinking. That he was a friggin' puss. I suggested it. He told me that he didn't come in here to turn around half way. He called over one of his speculating friends. He said the quote that proved what I was thinking all along. He said, "hey, give me your hand." I laughed to myself. One word... Puss.

I put my clamps on his lip. Lined it all up and then told him to brace himself. He knew the procedure. He took in a deep breath and blew out fast. I stabbed the second hole into his lip. His friend said that it hurt his hand so bad. He said after just a second that he lost circulation. I laughed out loud at that one. I asked how it was and he said the second one was worse. I didn't get that. I always knew that the second one hurts less because you can expect it. I also knew however that everyone takes pain differently.

Later that day, I saw John's friend who was in the room with us. I asked how John was doing. He said that he was very happy because I did the piercing like a professional, I was spot on with the piercing, and, I did a better job than he would expect from the piercer at "B U". I was very proud of myself and John. Once more, The FrEak wins.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 21 Dec. 2008
in Lip Piercing

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Artist: FrEak021
Studio: private+studio
Location: central+MI

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