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Getting my 'smiley' pierced

So, I'm currently going through a heart breaking divorce. The whole thing has been really hard on me, and for some reason, when things just aren't going the way they should be and I am really depressed, I tend to do random, painful things to myself. A random piercing prevails over a random tattoo, being that I've never gotten a 'random' tattoo, and getting pierced is more in budget.

It was the day after my soon to be ex husband and I talked about getting divorced. I was totally crushed and was picking up new plugs from Matt Dapkuinas at Marcs Tattooing when I noticed a new 'Prick' magazine sitting on the desk at the shop. They usually don't have any hot chicks on the cover, but the one on this one was smokin'. Totally had the whole 'tattooed Alyssa Milano' thing going on. She had her smiley pierced and I've never saw one before. So I asked Matty about it. My main concern was if it would irritate my teeth or cause any kind of chipping. He assured me that as long as it was pierced with a small enough ring, it wouldn't even touch but that the piece of skin that gets pierced is very thin and may reject the piercing or push it out eventually. I decided to take my chances and endure some physical pain to suppress my emotional pain.

He went back and set up to perform the piercing, but always has a cigarette before actually piercing. Once he was done smoking and washed his hands, he called me back to his room. Matty always gets a little nervous when he has to pierce me, mainly because we know each other, but mostly because my soon to be ex husband is the senior artist at the shop he works at. I had been crying the whole day, so I was trying to be as cheerful as possible and not show how sad I truly was, so we both cracked jokes and laughed together. He had me rinse with a half Listerine half water mixture and lifted my lip to check out what he was working with. I asked if he wanted me to hold my lip up to make it easier, but he told me 'There is no making it easier'. Fair enough.

So there I was, lying on the gynecological table with him holding my lip up over my nostrils waiting for my soon to be most FAVORITE piercing I've gotten. I kept giggling imagining how this would look from another point of view, so he had to wait to attempt anything. So here we go, no clamps, just a needle and hope. He put the needle up to the skin. 'Take a deep breath in....', he pushes the needle, but because the skin is so pliable, it just goes with the needle for a second before it actually punctures it, then it slides through with ease, '...aaand out'. Now I'm lying there with a needle through the web of my lip. He replaced the needle with the jewelry and had me sit up. Squeezing the hoop together was actually the most crucial part of it. It was pulling extra hard on the skin, granted, the skin is stretchy, but there's a limit. Once that was done, he had me check it out in the mirror. SUCCESS!

Honestly, out of all of the piercings I have gotten, this one teeny tiny one hurt the most. I love it. Other than my nipples and my lobes, it's the only one I probably won't remove. It completely healed within a week or two of just brushing normally and rinsing with a little Listerine/water mixture. I wasn't expecting it to take long being that your saliva helps heal, but was definitely amazed at how short it was.

The next day, someone at work asked me if I had a cavity filled. What a retarded thing to ask. 'Yeah, in my GUM' I replied. Some people think the piercing is going through my actual gum for some odd reason. A lot of people I know that are somewhat or really into tattoos and body mods have never even seen it before and are totally amazed.

All in all, I have no complaints. Although, I now I have an indent in my gum where the hoop and ball are. I still love it. It's only been three months, so hopefully my body won't push it out. I don't see any changes in it so far.

As for Matty, I have only been pierced by a few people and despite how nervous he gets, he always finds a way to settle himself and make me feel absolutely comfortable. He has the most experience out of anyone I know in the industry yet still gets a little gun shy.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 21 Dec. 2008
in Lip Piercing

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Artist: Matt+Dapkuinas
Studio: Marcs+Tattooing+and+Body+Piercing
Location: Scranton%2C+PA

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