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First Facial Piercing.... But Not The Last!!

So, I will admit I'm somewhat of a pussy at the best of times, even though I have quite a high pain threshold, I get very nervous when around needles. Anyway, last tuesday, I had decided that I wanted another piercing, I currently have my left ear stretched to 3mm, and my left nipple with a horizontal bar, 14g.

I knew I wanted another piercing, but I just couldn't decide which... Do I get my tongue done? Snakebites? Industrial? Shit I just can't decide. Anyways, after much deliberation, I decided that I wanted my Labret done, and after speaking to my best mate, discovered he wanted to buy a new plasma TV, so Garden City it is! I had gotten my nipple done at Cosmetics Plus by Sheena before, and she is an excellent piercer, very friendly, easy going, fast and professional (not to mention damn hot!). So I was booked in for 30 mins time, and chose a small spike in lieu of the ball it came with, along with a large 1/2 inch chrome spike for going out.

So off to Hardly Normal to find a good TV for my mate, kill some time, and leave me in the lurch with butterflys in my stomach about my soon to be had piercing. Here I am, in the middle of a Harvey Norman, looking like a tool, because I'm talking way to fast, and laughing nervously at everything, but hey, shit happens. Quickly enough the time came, and back to CP we went.... I had a short chat with Sheena about me being more nervous about this piercing than I was about my nipple, to which she reassured me that its only because its on your face that your more nervous about it.

The time came, and with some trepidation, I got cheuferred into the piercing room while my mate waited outside, constantly smsing me for reassurance. Sheena explained the procedure, and unwrapped all the sealed and sterilised goods. using a toothpick and some ink, she marked a spot, which was quite hard to see through my goatee, but could just make it out in the mirror, first time around it was slightly off to the left, and on a second look she agreed and placed another mark, which was spot on.

I told her "yup, looks good to me, go for it", and after a short chat about her new dermal anchor (dead centre, just above cleavage, drool) she got to work, clamping the lip, then checking, rechecking, and rechecking again to make sure everything is lined up perfectly. She tells me to take a deep breath in, and then exhale slowly.

Next thing I know, its done!!! I swear to god I didn't even feel it, until she said "ok done, just screwing the spike on for u now". I'm not trying to make out I'm some real tough bloke here or anything, but it was much, much, much less painful than I was expecting, nothing even remotely close to my nipple piercing. As soon as the spike was on, I was up inspecting it in the mirror, and LOVING what I saw.... it suits me perfectly (well, I think so anyway), and looks great poking out through my goatee. I just about do a flying leap out of the piercing room.... pay my fees at the counter, collect my aftercare info and I'm off, instantly searching for my mate to show off my new love affair. The instant he sees it, his eyes widen, and the words "Holy Shit!" are mouthed, I ask him to take a pic on my phone of it so I can send the pic around to all my friends, bragging about my new piercing.

I have taken to not using the small spike at all, and leaving the long 1/2 inch one in permanently. All in all, I LOVE my new piercing, which is more than I can say for the "Old Folks" as my mum hates it with a passion, but meh, its my body, and she will get over it eventually. The piercing is healing well, although I must admit I did get a very small infection, which was quickly fixed with some antiseptic spray a few times a day. I would recommend Sheena to anyone in Brisbane, Australia. She is a wonderful girl, who really knows what she is doing, I for one will definately be back

This is the first story by me, but there will be many more to come! I have the following planned..




-right nipple

-(and the scary one) Frenum Ladder! eeeep!

Also, a big shoutout to all the other people who have posted up your stories.... I am somewhat of a "Nervous Researcher", and in the weeks leading up to a new piercing, I research the hell out of it, and this site, and the stories on it, have been an absolute godsend for me. Now.... which piercing next....

From J2 ([email protected] - MSN)


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 21 Dec. 2008
in Lip Piercing

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Artist: Sheena
Studio: Cosmetics+Plus+Garden+City
Location: Brisbane%2C+Australia

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