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child's play!

Well, this is the part where I ramble about my interest in body modification. To get to the good stuff, skip ahead a paragraph or two.

I first saw the vertical labret on my best friend last year. I remember cringing at it and asking if it hurt, not believing her when she said no. Now, a year later, here I am--with a vertical labret of my own!

I didn't decide to get it done until about September when I had moved out to go to college. Its kind of a delayed teenage rebellion, testing boundaries with the 'rents but most importantly, physically expressing myself in a beautiful, tasteful way.

In October, I called this piercing studio that was relocating from Victoria. They were set to open that weekend but had delays with plumbing; I was told that in a month they should be ready, but they weren't and I decided that I wasn't gonna wait another month. So I called Trendsetter's today and made an appointment for the same day. I have heard really good things about the body piercing at Trendsetter's and felt confident in my choice. It was either them or this sketchy place in the mall, anyway.

I grabbed something to eat before driving out to this salon in East Jesus Nowhere. Seriously, that place is so randomly located! Anyway, when I got there I was given some paperwork to fill out as well as 2 'tests' and 2 fact sheets. I was required to read the care fact sheets and answer some questions regarding the information on those sheets. I was then told I would be tested on that info (which I wasn't); I felt like I was cramming for a biology exam or something. When I was done, the piercer came out and introduced herself as Fernanda and took me into the piercing room. Her appearance surprised me slightly; she was dressed in clothing professional enough to be seen in a courtroom. The piercing room was small but clean and had this awesome painting of Mona Lisa with piercings. Fernanda got me to take off my sweater (to keep me cool) and told me to lay down on this doctor like examining chair while she went over the aftercare. She then put an icepack behind my neck and under neath my knees as she told me that she loves vertical labrets because they are feminine yet still give you a badass edge. I rinsed my mouth with mouthwash and she cleaned my bottom lip with this ointment stuff before marking my lip with a purple pen. She adjusted the marks a couple times and handed me a mirror when she was satisfied. It seemed perfect to me, so I gave her the go ahead. She clamped my lip and put a cork right under it. The clamps actually are worse than the piercing; they are freaking tight and uncomfortable. I breathed in deeply twice as instructed and on 3, the needle went through. I was expecting a super sharp, spreading, burning pain but was very pleasantly surprised. I barely felt a thing. It was the slightest pinch; I honestly can't even recall the pain now. On a scale of 1-10 it was about a 2, if that. She waited about 15 seconds before getting threading the jewellery through (which was a 16 gauge curved barbell, by the way) since she said that's about how long it takes for the endorphins to kick in and numb the area. I took a deep breath and felt a slight raw discomfort. Fernanda then screwed on the ball, cleaned me up, demonstrated how to clean the piercing with q-tips, and had me rinse my mouth one more time. The barbell is a bit long (well, it WAS anyway) to accommodate for potential swelling. I was told to come back in 3 weeks for a check up and to downsize if necessary and after a quick photo in front of the Mona Lisa painting for her portfolio, I was good to go.

Its been about 12 hours now since I've been pierced and it seems to be doing well so far. On the way home, my lip swelled up and makes the jewellery look a bit crooked but I know its only because of the swelling. I took 400mg of ibuprofen a few hours later and iced my lip for like 2 minutes a few hours ago but gave up on that. I've been drinking through a straw and eating has been frustratingly slow. My lip has been peeling a bit because of the swelling but I just gently remove the dead skin with a q-tip and apply some lip balm (which you're apparently allowed to do). I'm about to go brush my teeth now which will be interesting, I'm sure. I love this piercing already , although I will probably get royally rocked when I go home this weekend. So goes it.

Overall, it was a wonderful piercing experience and I recommend anyone in the PG area to go to Trendsetter's for their piercings, especially Fernanda. Her sterile technique is perfect, she explained the aftercare thoroughly, she's upbeat & friendly, knowledgeable, and just a good piercer in general.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 04 Dec. 2008
in Lip Piercing

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Artist: Fernanda
Studio: Trendsetter%27s
Location: Prince+George%2C+BC

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