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My wonderful birthday present

I have the greatest fiance in the world. Here's my proof:

She bought me snakebites for my birthday. Happy 19th, here's some needles and shit. I mean honestly, what better present can you get than a piercing? Great time. Here's the story:

On the day before my birthday - June 27th - I got off work at 4pm. We decided it'd be just as good to do it the day before as the day of, and it'd give me another day's worth of healing time, so we discussed it, and decided to go ahead and go get these bad boys done.

I wanted to be a scenester with my snakebites instead of a vomiting-everywhere-drunk for my birthday this year. All in all, not a bad decision.

So my fiance had been to Bobby's before (she was looking for a retainer for her lip) and had commented on Tom's (the piercer) facial tattoos. I was immediately intrigued, and decided this is where we would go. So jump in the car, drive an hour to Paducah, and BAM, there we are.

After waiting about a half hour on some chick to get her madonna or something done, I went back. Tom told me about the piercing, explained the aftercare, etc. He knew I had a stretched septum and stretched lobes, so he didn't over-do it. I think in his aftercare speech, while he was getting everything ready, he changed gloves about 5 times. Seriously, he's a clean guy.

So he dots me up, gets me to check the placement (very nice, very nice indeed), and gets me to sit down. He changed gloves again, clamped me, and told me to breathe in. Sharp pain, the usual. I'm not one of the people that likes getting pierced. It hurts. Worth the pain, but still, it's not a fun experience to me. So yea. That hurt. Anywho, he corks the needle, takes off the clamps, and slides the door-knocker CBR through.

Yay, one side done.

He probably changed gloves 2 or 3 times in this whole thing. Now, on to side numero dos. Same thing. Gloves, clamp, breathe in. Jesus christ my lip is going to fall off, corked. Nothing special.

Now for the fun part. As Tom turns around to change gloves and get the second steering wheel sized CBR, he says I look pale, I should swing my legs up and lie back. In the process of trying to do this I - get this, super macho me does this - black out for a few seconds. Apparently Tom saved me from falling, my fiance stopped filming (thank god) and I was out for about 10 seconds. I don't remember this, but 2 witnesses are hard to argue with. So after a few seconds he puts in the CBR, and I sit for a few moments. Yum. That wasn't so bad. It feels like I have small children dangling from my lip (I mean, honestly, the 1/2" or 5/8" CBRs are MASSIVE), but other than that, I feel great about my face right now.

My fiance made lots of fun of me for passing out, because she said she didn't even feel her lip piercing (I still call lies on that one.)

After that, my fiance got her septum done (my present to her on my birthday?) I picked up some retainers on the way out. We paid Tom his $120 (for the 3 piercings and some retainers), and we left.

All in all, they're pretty much win piercings. I get asked a lot of questions about them (I live in the middle of Western Kentucky, so piercings honestly aren't that popular). Someone once asked me if they were cheek piercings. I often get the "Did that hurt?", etc. More-so on my snakebites than on my 5/8" lobes or my 6ga septum. Honestly.

Oh, and my old job hated them. I had to wear clear retainers (with no O rings on the front, somewhat annoying...) Having to switch out retainers daily the entire first two months I had the piercings probably wasn't great for them, but I used well sanitized jewelery and cleaned my hands and lip religiously before and after the switch.

NOTE: THIS IS NOT SOMETHING I WOULD RECOMMEND TO ANYONE. If your job has issues with piercings, either don't go through with it while you're there or prepare to deal with harrowingly annoying switches, aftercare, unexpected issues, and lots and lots of antibacterial handwash.

I don't miss that job.

Thank god my new job doesn't care because I work at night.

I went at some point and got studs. I bent one of the CBRs trying to get the ball out of it or in it or something, so I couldn't wear those anymore. And the bio-flex retainers made me nervous when I slept, because I woke up with an O ring up my nose at one point.

But yeah, I get called funny names, stared at by old people, and get a cheap alternative to chewing gum 24 hours a day. What's not to like about 'em?


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 11 Nov. 2008
in Lip Piercing

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Artist: Tom
Studio: Bobby%27s+Ink+Slingers
Location: Paducah%2C+KY

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