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My Sexy Little DIY Lip Ring Number...

Not to long ago after my 20th birthday I came to the conclusion I needed something a wee bit new to my add to my apperance.

I already had a nose ring i did myself, and a tongue ring from two years prior. I love my piercings but i needed something a little more edgey. My first impulse was a hot little eyebrow ring BUT since I tend to wax and pluck that area quite often I had a change of heart.

I was running low on options. As much as I love all piercings, I had to choose one that would fit ME and look good on ME.

So one night my best friend and I began talking and she was saying how she has always wanted a lip ring..hmmmmm a lip ring eh? That just might be my metal ticket to deciding! After some intense googling and what have you i decided a lip ring it is. Plus afterwards i would get my 20g CBR for my nose from time to time and just place it on my lip just so i could see how it would work out in my favor, and to my surprise i was very happy with the turn out.

I finally got the money to get it done. So I ask hmm should I do this myself or get it professionally done??? Since I wanted this to be a more personal experience and being the wierdo only child I am, I chose the option of doing this myself.

I went to the mall which had a nice piercing kit for the Labret (which is the same place I bought my nose ring kit)paid thrity bucks and was half way through the process.

When I arrived home I realised what was actually about to happen and wet myself a little bit. But no worries, I didnt spend MY money to not do this. My friends were pumping me up for the experience anyway.

So around 7pm that night I grabbed the iPod put on some Paramore, Nickelback and MetroStation to get me in the body modifaction spirit. That only helped so much haha.

Sitting everything down on a paper towel i prepared to face the music. Inside the kit was a clamp, triple antibiotic, 14g needle, cotton swabs, an alcohol wipe and a long post stud for swelling.

Initially I wanted the ring but I hear its not to good to start off with.

I cleaned the outside of my lip with the alchohol wipe and gargled with the listerine for a few seconds to get all the germs out i guess haha. Grabbed the clamp which i ended up not using considersing since i wanted mine on the side it just slide right off so i freehanded it. It took me a mintue or two to actually figure out where i wanted it to go. After I found the right spot I made a mental note grabbed the needle took one deep breath and pushed it through.

Shockingly there was NO PAIN at all. It was actually kind of cool to hear the popping of my lip and watching the last layer go through.

Then conflict showed up. The lady told me to pierce it from the outside in which seemed right to me until it was time to put the stud in the needle and push it through. Ever put a 14g stud into the sharp end of a 14g needle? Thats right cause it doesnt work!!! so im panicing at this point because i have no clue how to do this. so i tried to slide the needle out fast and put the stud in...no luck. Within seconds is closed. But i refused to not have this done!

So I cleaned off the neddle put some triple antibiotic on it and the jewelry and pierced it again in a different spot but still close to the origianl. I figured if I left the needle in for a minute then there would be a descent hole for me to put the jewlery through. I was right and it went in. haha I was so desparte to have it done i put in in backwards for a few days. Meaning the flat side was on the outside of my lip and the ball was inside..wierd I know...

Afterwards? boy oh boy did it swell like i got punched haha. White stuff came out of it every now and then but that didnt bother me because this happend with my tongue ring as well, something called plasma I believe. I listerined like i was suppose to and cleaned it in the shower. As of now its been almost a month and I havent had any SEVER problems out of it other than its nesting but only at night which i hear is normal so im not to worried.

I wont lie, Ive been slacking MAJOR on the cleaning but its ok and Ive changed the stud a few times before I was suppose to and its still ok. but i dont recommend you be as careless as I am at times!

I can put the actual ring in around halloween so i cant WAIT for that.

yep thats my story hoped it helped or gave someone encouragement.



submitted by: Anonymous
on: 11 Nov. 2008
in Lip Piercing

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