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Big stink over nothing!

Well, it all started when I was at a very young age that I was very into piercings. Ever since I have gotten my first cartilage piercing which was when I was 7 I have wanted more and more. So one day I was on researching different piercings and I came across a labret piercing which did not look that bad. From then on I would research loads of information about a labret piercing.

Then, that time came when I finally asked my mom about getting my lip pierced. When she did not answer and I was 100% sure she heard me I took that as an automatic no. So I did some debating on whether I should still get it and then I decided I really wanted it done. I talked to my mom a lot more about it that day and finally she caved and let me get it. I know she wasn't too happy about me getting it done. She told me we can go get it that Saturday coming up and I was so excited!

That Saturday I got up really early because I couldn't sleep; I was way too nervous. We finally set off to go to New Tribe and the bus and subway ride seemed like it took forever! I guess it was because I was way too excited.

We finally got onto Queen Street and had to walk up a bit until we finally got to New Tribe. Ever since I got my belly button pierced there New Tribe was my favourite place to get pierced. It's so clean, big and the employees make you feel very comfortable. The lady there I'm not sure of her name asked my age and made my mom sign some papers and pay the 55 dollars. The wait was literally only about 5 minutes; I'm guessing it was that short because it was barely 1 o'clock.

Then, the lady Amber who was going to pierce me called my name and took me into the back to get pierced. The room wasn't too big but the smallness was a little more comforting for me for some reason. Amber explained all the after care which was to clean it 2 times a day with a mixture of sea salt and warm water and what to expect. She also told me that I had to come back in about in a month to get my piercing barbell changed to a smaller one which I wasn't too happy about because it was another 20 dollars. That meant I would have to go back again and from my house New Tribe isn't that close.

Amber marked me up and asked if it was suitable. It was a little to close to the centre and I wanted it more off to the right so she changed it. Then, she told me to rinse my mouth with mouthwash which stung a little. When she put the clamps on that's when my heart started to pound. She positioned the needle and she counted to three and told me to take a deep breath and she would put the needle in on three. On three, I took a deep breath and in the needle went. Quick and painless! Right after the needle went in I said "that didn't hurt at all!" I kind of figured it wouldn't hurt that much because none of my other piercings hurt a bit. Next, she got the jewelry and put it in which hurt a little bit but nothing to unbearable. She then screwed on the ball and I looked in the mirror. I loved it!

She told me it would swell in the next few hours and to drink lots of cold drinks which I didn't think was that bad because I had to go to school on Monday and that day was Saturday. The only thing that bugged me a little bit was that the bead was a little awkwardly big because when you first get it pierced you need the bar to be a little longer for when it swells. But, other than that I love it very much. I don't think my mom is too fond of it but oh well.

Ever since then I've been cleaning it twice a day and it looks great! It's really tempting to play with it though so I try not to do it a lot. The only thing that really bugs me is when I eat and when I laugh. Whenever I eat I usually end up biting it and when I open my mouth to wide the backing goes over my teeth. When I laugh, it usually gets caught on my teeth also. The only thing that's the hardest is trying not to knock it on anything. But, all in all the piercing was very painless it looks great and I'd recommend it to anyone who wants to get it.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 11 Nov. 2008
in Lip Piercing

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Artist: Amber
Studio: New+Tribe
Location: Queen+St.

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