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bad lip ring

All my life I wanted my lip pierced. All of my friends told me I had the perfect face for it. One day I finally decided to get it done. I went in to the new shop in Norfolk VA called fuzion ink.

The girl at the front counter was named Stacy. She had been in Tattoo magazines several times because of her amazing tattoos, she also told me she was assistant manager in the shop. She also told me that she had been doing this for years and I would be fine. I paid her the money and she had me fill out what all i wanted and sign my name. She didn't have me sign anything, so that bothered me, but i had never gotten one done in VA, so I was not aware of the laws. We went back in the room and she got everything ready. She marked me up, and we got started. So i took a deep breath and she slid the needle in. I stated bleeding, bad. After she got the jewelry in it still didn't stop. I took 10 minutes for it to slow down. She then told me the care directions, and I left. A few hours later I was goofing off with some friends of mine and it started to bleed again. It I smiled to hard, or if laughed to hard, I we squirt blood everywhere.

A few weeks later, I was still cleaning it daily as I was told, But the skin on the inside of my lip was growing over the ring. Not to mention, the piercing had moved up in my lip. I had never had a problem with my body rejecting a piercing, but there is a first for everything. I was still worried because if my son or myself bumped my lip it bleed for 10 minutes. It started bleeding longer after every time it got hit. Eventually it took almost an hour to get it to stop.

So I went back to the shop to see the piercer. A man maned POE was there and he told me Stacy has apparently been fired. I explained to him what all had been going on. He took me back to the back room, and looked at my lip. He told me I would be fine and to just keep cleaning it, and not to change the ring anytime soon. It had ripped a little but I would be ok if I got a specific cleaner for my mouth. So that it could help it stop ripping and heal faster.

A week later, I had flown to Kansas. I woke up at 5 am covered in blood from my lip. I cleaned it up and went back to bed. At nine that same morning, I asked my sister to help me take it out. I was tired of the crap. So, she helps me take it out and it doesn't bleed. YAY, but not good.

Not ten minutes later, I was on my way to the emergency room, about bleeding to death. Im not kidding. I had blood from head to toe, through two layers of clothes, and it was still squirting out. After they got the suction going they could see where it was bleeding from. They called in an specialists. He gave me one stitch and explained to me that when Stacy had pushed the needle in my lip, she hit an artery. Now most people don't have arteries in their lips. I do, so I am no longer allowed to get any piercing done with out the fear of bleeding to death. In total that day I lost all but one pint of blood from my body.

When I called fuzion ink to tell them what had happened, after POE said i would be fine, all they could tell me was, come on back if you want another one. We might cut you a discount. Other then that they didn't care. Turns out Stacy, had only been doing it for a year off and on. And she was the expert? They had no explanation for what had happened, and if they did anything wrong. But they told me sorry, and they would love to do it again.

So words of advice...BE CAREFUL! And make sure that you get proof of everything they do, and that they know what they are dong. I would love to get my lip ring back, but I'd like to live to see my sons second birthday. The only good thing that came from this experience is I learned that I have to many artery's in my body, and I have to be careful or I can bleed to death. Its not a fun way to learn, but Im glad I found out.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 11 Nov. 2008
in Lip Piercing

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Artist: stacy
Studio: fuzion+ink
Location: norfolk+va

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