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11th Piercing. (including my ears)

I started off just wanting a standard labret for the longest time. But I recently decided on the vertical labret instead. A choice I don't regret.

My mama used to object to facial piercings.. no "if, ands, or buts about it", kind of thing. But after my sister got her bellybutton, she gave in and let me get mine. Then, my sister got her tongue, and again, I got mine. Then about 3 days ago, I got my vertical labret.

I did a hell of alot of research on my new piercing before I proceeded on to get it. Ya know, percentage of rejection, the healing process, the pain level, shit like that.

I watched many YouTube videos (as I do with all of my piercings), and decided this was the one for me.

Of course, it wasn't just a "get up and go" kind of situation. Considering the place I previously went to for my piercings (not including my ears, those were DIY) closed down due to drug use, we had to find another place that would pierce a minor. So I got on the internet and wrote down the name, number, and address of every studio local to me.

The Day of My Piercing:

We decide to go to the place my sister got her tongue pierced at. It is located on Twain Curve, by the Eastdale Mall in Montgomery.

It was roughly 7:00pm, last Thursday night, when we pulled up to the studio. I got out of the car and looked at mama, I said with a giggle "I'm getting somewhat un-nerved about this one." Then she told me I didn't HAVE to do it, but I just merely laughed and walked inside. The second we entered the door, we were quickly greeted by a rather attractive male. He had short, dark hair, beautiful green eyes, with a few piercings and tattoos here and there. This was my piercer. His name is Aaron, (and I HIGHLY suggest letting him preform your piercings).

I told him what I wanted, layed my birth certificate, social security card, and mama's license on the counter. He asked how old I was, and I told him I was 14. His words were "Well, we have a strict policy about nobody under 16, but I'll give my boss a ring and let him know what we have." He left the counter, and went down a long, dark hallway. About 5 minutes later, he came out and said "Well, we're good to go" with a big smile. I followed him back into the room, which SMELLED sterile, and he gestured me to take a seat. We talked for a while, as he was getting everything set up. He told me that the fact I had an ass load of piercings in my ears, a tongue ring, and a naval piercing, probably buttered his boss up a little.

He made me rinse my mouth with some listerine for about a minute, then told me to spit it back in the cup. He got the toothpick with the ink on the tip to mark it, he marked where the needle would enter and exit my lip. He wiped the top marking off once, and remarked it. Then he got me to look in the mirror to see if I liked the placement, which I found to be perfect. I sat back down, and he clamped my lip, (which isn't the horrible part, it NEVER is.) I layed back in the chair. Then he told me to focus on nothing more than his breathing, and to lock eyes with him, which I did.

Breathe in,

Breathe out,

Breathe in,

Breathe out,

Breathe in,

Breathe out.

By the third exhale, the needle was through, and it hurt, I won't lie, but it's a needle getting shot through your lip, so yeah. He laughed at my combination of words the second after the needle broke that last layer of skin.. "FuckMeGodDamnit!" which was rather funny, considering the circumstances. :]

The transfer of the jewelry wasn't my idea of pleasant, but it wasn't horrid either. Then it was done.

I looked in the mirror. I loved it. As did him, and the other guy that does the tattoos there that came in as he was removing the clamp with the needle sitting in my lip. (They thought it was "sexy" and fit me perfect).

They took a few pictures for the portfolio, told me how great it looked, made me promise to come back (which I DEFINATELY am), went over the aftercare again, and I was good to go.

3 days later, and hardly any swelling, although my lips are a bit dry, I find it difficult to drink without a straw, and my boyfriend finds it amusing when I eat. haha. But I adore my new piercing.

And kissing isn't all that bad either, he's really gentle. :p

For anyone who wants this piercing, I say go for it. Just keep it clean with saline solution, and don't fuck with it, and it should be fine.

Thanks Aaron! :D


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 21 Oct. 2008
in Lip Piercing

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Artist: Aaron
Studio: Outlaw
Location: Montgomery%2C+Alabama

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