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Thank god for guinea pigs

This experience is actually not about a piercing that I got but about one that I gave. I myself have been pierced over 35 times now. Some have been repeats, but I am no stranger to the needle. A few years ago I was with a guy who wanted to open a tattoo shop and asked me to do piercings for him. It never came to pass but he taught me a lot about piercing. I have been telling people forever that I know how to do piercings but no one seems to put their trust in me. I don't know why. I'm a certified EMT and a licensed nurse. If anything goes wrong I'll know how to take care of you.

So this particular experience started this weekend when I went to see my friend Khaytea who is a fellow body modifier. She told me that she had a ton of sterilized needles and said that if I asked really nice she would let me pierce her. It took some time for her to decide exactly what she wanted done and then a little while longer for her to actually gather the nerve to let me do it. I let her mark the spot on her lip she wanted me to pierce and had her break down the procedure for me to ease her mind. I could tell she was really nervous because she kept clamping her lip and then finding some excuse as to why we had to wait a couple more minutes. Finally I told her to just shut up and quit being such a puss. I had the needle sitting in the Vaseline and the labret stud ready to go. The only thing I needed on board was her. With her lip clamped and her eyes closed I grabbed the needle and took a deep breath. Up to this point the only person showing any nerves was Khaytea, but
I have to admit I was nervous too. But I knew that if I showed her that she would freak out even more and it would just end badly. I lined everything up and checked placement a couple of times to make sure I knew exactly where to put the needle. Clamp in the left hand and needle in my right I told her to close her eyes. I placed the tip of the needle on the inside of her lip. She took in a sharp breath and I shoved the needle through her lip. I flipped the clamp over to look at the outside of her lip. A direct hit. I got the needle right through the center of the mark. I took the hemostats off her lip and let her catch her breath. I asked if she wanted to thread the jewelry through but she told me to go ahead and do it while her lip was still numb. I knew she was nervous about this part because we had pierced her lip with a 14 gauge needle and the jewelry was 14 gauge as well. I explained how I was going to do it and she seemed confident that I knew what I was doing. I place d the end of the stud in the end of the needle and with steady pressure guided the jewelry through the fresh hole. No problems there. After she screwed the ball on the end of the stud I asked how she felt and she grinned.

After I gave her a couple of minutes to look at her new piercing I looked at her and asked if I seemed nervous when I was doing the piercing. She said no not at all. I was glad and explained to her that I was very nervous doing it but knew that I couldn't convey my emotions as it would freak her out. She then told me that I would make a very good piercer.

It is very frustrating when you start out trying to do something new; especially when that something involves shoving very sharp and pointy objects through people's skin. But thankfully I've been blessed with a few very ballsy friends who will be my guinea pigs. I must also add as an aside that just hours before I pierced Khaytea's lip I let her put and 18 gauge needle through my nostril. So I guess we both benefited from the experience.

This experience did not happen in a sterile environment and I would not recommend this to most people, but with the medical knowledge that I have I'm confident that everything was clean enough and neither of us will suffer any terrible consequences of doing a home piercing.

Khaytea's body is full of metal so I'm not sure that I will get to pierce her again, but hopefully there will be another willing participant who can help me on my journey of become a successful and not so nervous piercer.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 13 Oct. 2008
in Lip Piercing

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Artist: Allie
Studio: Khaytea%27s
Location: Huntington%2C+WV

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