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Smiley Piercing is Making Me Frown

So last week I was a little bored and a little bummed to say the least. Exactly one week ago my friend Stephanie and I decided to go out and spontaneously get pierced together.

I was in a crappy mood and she knew this would cheer me up so we jumped in my car and headed off toward Penrith to go and see Joeltron at Wicked Ink.

It was a fun drive, I'm glad I wasn't responsible for directions though (because I am terrible).

We arrived at the studio and had a browse around, made an enquiry at the desk and were told that the soonest he could pierce the both of us would be 3.30pm.

Stephanie forgot to phone first to make an appointment. Genius.

I wouldn't have minded waiting at all, except Steph had to be home by 4 for work, so we debated a little while and Steph finally convinced me to go back toward our home direction and trust a Clint from Yakuza with our piercings.

He had pierced her nipple just one week earlier, so my train of thought was something along the lines of:

"If Stephanie can instill enough faith in this guy's ability to pierce her nipple, surely I can trust him with my Frenulum"

My thought path has never been so inaccurate.

I entered the studio and had look at the jewelry on display before telling him that I wanted my smiley pierced.

We didn't chat at all about the procedure. I had researched it enough to satisfy my own curiosities; however, any piercer should discuss the procedure and healing requirements with their client prior to being pierced, or at the very least, AT ALL!

I should have backed out at this point, but my impulsive state was at its peak and I just really wanted my smiley pierced.

He forwarded me into a cramped room on the left which looked impossible to pierce in, let alone tattoo in for hours on end. I shuffled into this room without being asked any important questions.

No; "Have you eaten recently", "Are you allergic to any...", Are you prone to fainting?"

So, without having identification sighted, and most frightfully, not filling in a single detail of paperwork I went in and sat down.

Stupid on my behalf, to say the least, I know.

I suppose if you have no records of whom and how you pierce then the health department has no way to keep tabs on your studios lack of ethic, moral and standard practices.

I went first for my upper Frenulum piercing and Steph was going in after me to have her tongue webbing pierced.

I sat in the chair and watched him pull some bits and pieces out of a little mirrored cabinet.

He then asked me if I could then hold up my own upper lip.

"Okay, fair enough" I thought. It's a tricky little piercing. But he didn't offer me any gloves or forceps to hold my upper lip out of the way with.

Hygienic, I know.

Surely it's the very least he could have done.

So I watched his hand shakily move toward my Frenulum with needle in grasp and felt a tiny pinch.

That was followed by the jewelry being threaded through and some challenging minutes attempting to insert the bead into the ring.

Afterward I wasn't given anything to rinse with...

I was just told "Keep up with your brushing and use some mouthwash about 3 times a day".

So at this point it has been 1 week and my gum is already indented from the bead on the CBR, it is wearing away and I am not impressed.

I had friend who is a very reputable piercer have a look at it and he is suggesting that I take it out and have it re pierced by him which would have been my initial plan had it not been too far in transit to get pierced by him.

Either that or swap over to a bar for a little while. However, I am assuming that will only deteriorate 2 spots on my gum instead of one.

I am trying to find a captive bead ring made from bioplast or a similar material to insert to see if it does less wear and tear than the surgical stainless.

My temporary patch at the moment is to cut out a small square of micropore tape and stick it over the small section of gum which is being affected by the piercing.

Essentially, I should take it out immediately to prevent further damage. I know better than to leave it in. But I just like it too much.

So when I save enough money to get it re pierced I will take it out a few weeks prior and try again for round two.

I am trying to find CBR's that have a flat sort of bead in the middle to which I feel may reduce damage to the gums, or at least make it easier and more achievable to stick orthodontic wax to so it does not irritate the teeth and gums.

I will take it out soon, I've promised myself that. I think I will take it out for my birthday and just get something else to replace the feeling of loss, such as getting my nipples pierced.

Basically, to anyone considering having a smiley piercing, discuss it in depth with your piercer, a reputable one, research it well beforehand and consider whether it is suited to your anatomy as everybody's gum-line and teeth are different.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 13 Oct. 2008
in Lip Piercing

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Artist: Clint
Studio: Yakuza+Tattoo
Location: Narellan%2C+New+South+Wales

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