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Second times a charm?

 So I've been longing to get my snakebites done since I was in the 7th grade. I like symmetrical piercings, and I had always been interested in other cultures and in my mind I would always see things in ways that other people didn't understand. I love the idea that my body is a temple and I can decorate it the way i want, and that meant piercings. The problem was my dad though, he says that ear piercings are for women, it took me six years to have him agree to get my ears pierced. But thats a different story. 
 When I finally had my ears done, I was excited for what could be next, my attention went straight to my lip. The way they looked, the variations, the kinds of things you can do to them was just amazing, so I moved all my research from the stretching of my ears to my lip. Thats when i found BME. Soon, i was on here looking at pictures, reading experiences, looking up risks, finding other kinds of things i want to do in the near future. 
 After around 2 years of research and begging my parents to let me get my snakebites done, they finally agreed on letting me get them done, but there was a catch, i had to make straight A's. That was a problem, im not the smartest kid on the block, so i hit the books. It took me the whole semester to finally scrape myself up into the requirements for my piercing. When I showed my mom my grades, she was very pleased, and said we would go whenever she felt like taking me. 
 So there I was, 3 weeks later, psyching myself up in the car for the ride to Inferno. Inferno is an amazing place, and Drew is one of the smartest piercers i know, so i trusted him to do them right. When I was sitting in the front room, waiting for my turn, I chatted up with a few people at the counter who were somehow able to calm me down before I was called in. It took about 10 minutes to position them right, then it was time for the piercing. 
 I have an incredible tolerance for pain, so it was just a weired sensation of the needle sliding through my lip each time, the best part was seeing my mother cringe at the sight of me having a needle being shoved into my face. But that didnt matter, I was on top of the world by then, finally having something that made me feel the way i wanted to, like an individual, only the only thing was my lip being like a planet. 
 Then the worst imaginable thing happened. You know that high pain tolerance I told you about? Well, it turned back on me. A week after getting my lip done, I had this strange pain in my side. At first i paid no mind to it, but it turned out that i had appendicitis, and around four weeks later, my appendix ruptured. I had no time to get  retainers for my lip, seeing as i went from the doctors office to the surgery room in a few hours, they made me take out my lip and ear jewelry. 
 I had spent a week in the hospital, which means that my ears had gone from 00g to 14g and my lips had closed. The day I left that hospital was a sad and joyous day, finally, freedom, a huge scar, but with no metal in me. 
Skip ahead to a few months later, my ears were at 7/16in and I was on my way too Rarebreed, seeing as Drew had moved to a new shop 4 hours away and it wasn't worth the drive. But that didn't matter, as long as I could get my lip redone, that was my goal before school started again. Angie fixed me up in no time, this time, I got them spaced farther apart and even though the one on the left is a millimeter too high, i love them more than anything else on my body. Now, here i am, my right ear got punched a few weeks ago, and the fistula was completely torn out, so Ive let my ear shrink to a lowly 10g. But my lip has finally healed and is better than ever! I'm planning on getting another one on the left, spiderbites, to distract from the other side a little bit. 
 Ive had no trouble with my lip yet, but for all you people out there who dont understand this, Sea Salt Soaks are the most beutiful thing for a fresh lip piecing, and the less you touch them, the faster the swelling will go down. I went as far as getting a new toothbrush and I switched my pillowcase every few days for the first 4 weeks. If your thinking about getting this or any other oral piercing, I strongly recommend this one. 
 Also, thank you for reading!! Even though this wasn't as entertaining as the horror stories we all love, it might help you out to know that sometimes, a piercing wont go wrong.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 13 Oct. 2008
in Lip Piercing

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Artist: Angie
Studio: Rarebreed
Location: NC

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