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Once is Fantastic,Third is...?

Ah, my first piercing. I was 21 trembling with excitement and ecstatic about getting a labret piercing. I had been thinking about getting it done for the longest time and was now ready to get the procedure done. I was a bit nervous and scared but by the by, I decided to give it a try. I kept having second thoughts but once I had made up my mind about getting my lip pierced, I called up my friend, grabbed my wallet and headed out the door. We went to a place a few blocks away called "Metal Pleasures" which was a parlor exclusively for piercings and checked it out. It seemed pretty clean and the hygiene level was high, so I asked for a lip piercing and waited for my turn.

It seemed like a million years had passed when they finally called me up. The guy that pierced me was nicknamed "Prickly" and asked me where I would like my piercing and if I would prefer to make the mark myself, or let him do it for me. I chose to do it myself but I was so excited and nervous, I kept putting it in the wrong place. In the end Prickly ended up doing it for me.

I was asked to rinse my mouth with Listerine and then sit down and wait for him to get things ready. I was nervous and kept worrying that it was going to hurt and when Prickly finally did come, I was squirming in my seat and couldn't stop smiling. Well, the sight of the clamps made my eyes grow wide and so I had to be asked multiple times to calm down and I did but then the sight of the needle made me itchy. He fitted the clamps and checked to see if it was in the right place and as I closed my eyes, he pushed the needle through...it didn't even hurt! He said, "and you're done," and then told me I could pay at the front so I paid and left.

About two weeks from the piercing, my friends and I were just hanging out, when my friend cracked a joke that just made me burst out laughing. While I was laughing, I sneezed and the piercing got caught on my teeth and the stud got pulled into the middle of my lip and it almost immediately started swelling. It was hell trying to get it out since it wouldn't budge in either direction. We eventually got it out by cutting off the inner end and squeezing on my lip until it came out the front end. I can tell you, that is just terrible pain but I remember thinking, "Damn it, I lost my piercing"

I went back to the piercing parlor about two weeks later and told Prickly what had happened and he said, "If you really want to get it done, we'll give it another go." I agreed, rinsed my mouth and sat down. He fitted the clamps and pulled out the needle and got ready to push it through. It did go through but around the middle it got kind of stuck for some reason and he had to force it through. This time it did sting and I flinched and the needle went sideways and I shrieked and had to pull it out. Of course I didn't have to pay but I still wanted that piercing so Prickly said he admired my stubbornness and set me up for a free piercings 3 weeks from then.

I went back as planned and Prickly told me "Well you know the drill," so I went to the back rinsed my mouth and then sat down and waited for him. He got everything ready and asked if I was sure I wanted to try again and I assured him that I was positive and told him to proceed. Again the needle stuck a bit and had to be given an extra push in order for it to go through but other than that it went in pretty smoothly. Prickly handed me a mirror and cracked that he wondered how long it'd be until I had to come back and get it redone again. I smiled and told him I hoped I wouldn't have to. I walked out smiling from ear to ear and with the same piercing I'd wanted, 2 tries ago.

I am now good friends with Prickly and I am currently planning to go back for spider bites, which are both double labret and snake bite piercings. Prickly will be handling those as well and said I'd only have to pay for the snakebites as I am his favorite client. Despite all that has happened with my one piercing, I can't wait to get more done.- DeadxBeatxSweetheart


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 13 Oct. 2008
in Lip Piercing

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Artist: Adam
Studio: Metal+Pleasures
Location: West+Hollywood

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