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My lovely new Medusa!

Let me start with telling you a bit about myself. Since my first ever piercing a year ago, my left eyebrow, I've become more and more addicted to getting them - well, I'm not sure if it's the actual piercing themselves or the pain that comes with them. Although I'm building a tolerance to the pain these days so I suppose that's a bit unfortunate. Well it's addicting either way! I'm sure most of you enthusiasts out there know what I mean when I say that ha ha. Since then I've had multiple piercings - lobes (two stretched 0ga and one standard), tongue, scaffolding, navel, helix/rim, a surface piercing and more. Today I had gone out to the city to a piercing shop with my girlfriend and my sister, and we had planned to buy a retainer for my girlfriends Monroe piercing so that she wouldn't get into trouble at school.

Apart from making that purchase, I'd also planned on buying a clamp and a needle so I could perform a piercing of my own. I wasn't sure what I'd end up using them for - I had wanted them to start gaining experience in piercing, but I had to make a choice then and there. The store policy was that they wouldn't sell any needles to a person unless you were to also buy sterilized jewelry from them as well. Fair enough I suppose - I decided I would buy a pair of clamps, a 16ga needle and a 10mm 16ga labret bar and do a lip piercing. In the next few moments deciding that I wanted to do my Medusa. Briefly after leaving, I decided that my girlfriend would perform the piercing on me. I'm not really good with angling and lining piercings very much - and she had done plenty of her own that were done well and I trusted her completely with piercing me.

We traveled to a shopping mall, where my sister was going to get her ears pierced at - simple lobe piercings, nothing particularly exciting (The place she went to are looking for a casual piercer over the Christmas period - they train you and certify you and everything! I got pretty excited, I'm going to apply there ha ha, anyway back on track!). While my sister was getting her piercings, my girlfriend and I had sat down on a bench just outside the mall. I took the clamp and needle out and attempted to figure out how to correctly use the needle as neither of us had used a hollow needle before. We weren't sure about the tubing that surrounds the needle. (I know people use the tubing so that they're able to pull the jewelry through after, perhaps if someone that knows reads this, could they e-mail me on how to correctly use a hollow needle?) After coming to the conclusion we would pierce it with the needle, take it out and insert the jewelry after, we went on to discuss how we
would angle it. This ended up taking quite some time because of our inexperience, and we had ended up deciding that she would pierce it through the outside of the lip and on a slight angle so that when my lip retracted the jewelry would sit straight and not be at a funny angle - I've had problems with funny angles in the past.

After some slight hesitation, she poked the skin with the needle and it started to bleed a bit though it wasn't life threatening. I told her to just put the needle though and so she did - no pain, everything had gone just fine and it hadn't hit a vein either. She then took it out and we had gotten the jewelry in relatively simply although it was a bit hard to find the hole on the other side of the piercing and thankfully it had only bled a small amount around the hole, so it ended up being a quick process (unlike an attempted labret piercing a couple of nights before - hectic). At first she said that the piercing itself was slightly low, but I believe it looks perfect as it is and I wouldn't have wanted it in any other position because if it was too high up then it would've looked odd. Even though it was pierced in an unsterilized location, and we hadn't cleaned our hands or worn gloves or used sterilized equipment (it's better than a sewing needle!), the piercing is going pe rfectly fine and I think that all those who are considering one should get it because it's well worth it in the long run. It doesn't hurt at all, though if you're considering it for your first ever piercing, then I'm guessing it probably will. Oh and it's still very easy to eat with it in ha ha. Good luck for all you people out there, I hope your piercing to be goes just as well as mine!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 13 Oct. 2008
in Lip Piercing

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