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I might as well start just like everyone else does, because I can't think of anything else to start with!

I had been wanting a lip piercing ever since I heard the word "Piercing", which was about 13 years old. But through the last month, I was set on getting it, but never bothered. Until two days ago.

My fiance, Scott, was in the opticians having an eye test, and I was sat with him. They took him in, and when he came back out, he told me he would have to stay longer [they might have found something serious in his eye], so he told me to look for my brother and his girlfriend. After a while, I agreed and went.

I found them both, and stood there wondering what to do next. I asked them, "Should I go and get my lip done now? Because I won't if no one takes me there, and I won't bother for a while..." and straight away, Ceri, my brothers girlfriend, was like "OOH YES GET IT NOW OOH!!" So we made our way. Finally!

When we reached Ink & Gems, Diane, my piercer, was at the counter with another man! Mwshi, her husband, was walking passed us on the way down there. But who was this guy?! He walked to the piercing room, so I asked her who he was, but had no reply as the shop was pretty full. Mwshi returned after a while, and Diane was with the Mystery Man in the piercing room.

We were all talking [being Mwshi, James, Ceri and I] when I finally asked him, "Who is that guy?!" "Oh, that's Bullwinkle! He's Diane's apprentice....type...thingy from L.A" So that was that. Then Diane asked me after piercing another girl [on her neck, sort of a vampire bite, REALLY sexy!] and asked me whether she wanted her to pierce me or this "Bullwinkle" guy. I was so nervous, I said Bullwinkle. Seems he's an apprentice, might as well give him the honour! Didn't stop me from shaking like hell...

So I was taken into the back room, and they told me to sit on the dentist/doctor type bed thing. He dotted me up, and asked me to look, see if I like it, as well as asking whether I want it high enough to eventually put a ring in it or not, which I did. I also chose a 1.6mm gauge [14 ga isn't it?]. He wiped my face, then wiped the excess off, and got the spray out to numb my lip inside, which I was surprised with, as I didn't know they numbed it. He kept re-assuring me because I was shaky. He made silly little mistakes, no big ones. Diane called me sweetheart, and started telling Bullwinkle how she does call people pet names to make them feel secure. He replied with "Well, I think girls would be intimidated if I called them sweetheart!" I laughed, and Diane asked me whether I would be intimidated if he called me something like that, which I replied with a mumbled no with a numb lip.

He finally got the needle out, showed me it was still in the pack, the end date was 2013, and checked for any veins in my lip. He asked if I was sure, washed my mouth out, and clamped me. That's where I really started to shake. He kept trying to calm me down, which was working, counted me down, and through it went. I must say, I don't know why the hell I was so shaky! There was pretty much no pain, no worse than a nostril piercing! It just makes you grit your teeth, and all you feel is a pinch. The jewelry went in, and that wasn't even that bad. I asked if it was done, still numb, and they said I was and let me look. All I could think seeing it was "Oh My God!" and fell in love. I almost left without paying... but I got my aftercare instructions, went to buy some Dentyl Alcohol Free Mouthwash and Ibuprofen, and waited for the bus home.

The bus home was fun. My brother and boyfriend were saying funny things, and I sat there giggling without moving my mouth, and saying it isn't fair because I can't laugh or smile. I tried though. But as soon as I was back home, I drank some iced water through a straw on the opposite side of my mouth [I got the right side done]. But as the night passed, I could smile and laugh again. Here I am, two days after, no pain at all, and the swelling doesn't show on the outside! Everything is running smoothly. I am using mouthwash nearly everytime after I eat, and I managed to eat a mild curry! I was so upset hearing I can't eat spicy curry, so I chanced a milder choice. No problems.

To anyone who wants a lip piercing, go and get it! Please! You will regret not getting it, I swear. I wish I got it the first weekend I got enough money. But I would love to say a MASSIVE thank you to Diane and Bullwinkle. Bullwinkle, your work was amazing, thank you so much, it was hard to pass my trust to someone else, but you have earned mine fully. Diane, thank you for being in the room with him, watching his every move, and mostly for keeping me calm and offering to hold my hand. If you live near Bangor, PLEASE, got to Ink & Gems. Worth the money [£20 by the way] and she is a member of the British Body Piercing Association and has all her certificates when you walk in. She is one of the only two qualified piercers in Wales. That's what I hear anyway. But I believe them.

But happy piercing guys!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 13 Oct. 2008
in Lip Piercing

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Artist: Bullwinkle+and+Diane+Marsh
Studio: Ink+%26+Gems
Location: Bangor%2C+Wales%2C+UK

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