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Best Birthday Gift (so far)

For my 15 birthday I convinced my mom to take me and my twin sister to The Moon flower (a piercing studio) that was close by in my town. I knew I wanted the vertical labret from the first time I saw it. We walked into the store and went to the front counter and told the lady we what we wanted.Once we said what we wanted she went on a big rant asking us if we were ready for the responsibility of having a piercing and if I could handle having to bring Listerine with me to rinse my mouth every time I drank or ate something. After that she gave us the forms to sign out with our mom and we suggested that my sister went first since she would of been afraid to get her belly button done if she saw me get my lip done , she get her done and then Aimee, the piercer, was cleaning everything when my sister said she felt dizzy.

She ended up fainting and being out for a minute or two which freaked me,my mom, my friends, and everyone at the store out. When she was back and moving around Aimee told me to take a breather and kind of just walk around a lil. When I calmed down she led me and my friend Erika to the little room in the back where she would be piecing me. I sat down on the little table thing and looked at all the pictures of piercings on the wall.

I asked her all kinds of questions about how this piercing felt on the scale of 1 to 10, if gauging had a worse pain, how many of these piercings had she done, and why she took her's out. She answered them all with no problems or complaining which really calmed me down. She pulled on her gloves and set everything up she made me look at her and told me to do a pout face. She marked my lip and let me look at them and asked if I liked the angle it was a little to back for my taste so she moved it forward.

She took out the clamp from the bag and told me what she was going to do and made sure everything was lined up, she suggested I grabbed my friends hand which I did.I must of been squeezing it a little to hard because Aimee told me to relax, my friend kept asking her questions for me when she was loosing the clamp which I was grateful for.I closed my eyes as she took out the needle and held it to my lip she told me to take a deep breath then let it out slowly when I did I felt her push the needle up at first I wasn't sure what I was feeling and I was glad it didn't hurt but then she gave it a second push and it hurt like a mother.She went to go get the barbel and my friend told me it was so cool I nodded to scared to talk scared it would fall out.

She put the barbell in apologize saying that she didn't want to make me look like a dork or a nerd but she had to use the longer one for the swelling. She told me to lay down so I didn't fall over like my sister did I asked for a hand held mirror and she gave it to me so I could look at it. Even though it had ink on it and was yellow from the iodine and didn't look proportional to my face what so ever I still loved it. She told me to sit up slowly and I began to thank her over and over again she cleaned it up and gave me a lollipop telling me to suck it on the side. She warned me that I couldn't drink milk until this healed spaghetti should be avoided no kissing, oral sex, smoking, and fiddling with it until it was healed.She said I should come back in 4 weeks to get the barbell changed into a tighter fit.

All and all it wasn't anything that I expected it to be I was so glad I got it done and couldn't stop looking at it for a couple of hours. It rarely hurts only when I go to clean it or if I move it to fast and the giant balls and the extra bar is a little aggravating but I'll be sure to make them fit right.

I highly suggest this piercing to anyone who wants it its my favorite piercing that I have right now and I don't regret doing it at all. Just don't psych yourself out to much before the getting it done or anything done or you'll end up like my sister =]


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 13 Oct. 2008
in Lip Piercing

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Artist: Aimee
Studio: The+Moon+Flower
Location: Manchester%2C+CT

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