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You have how many now?

It started back in January.

I got a center labret after seeing Hannah Aitchison's one and loved it to pieces. Then, I wanted more... I got my first set of snakebites back in june and waited till they healed before deciding to get another set after alot of thought.

So I approached my mum and asked her how she felt about it, suprisingly she was very supportive. Even though it ment her eldest daughter would now be the most facially pierced person in her school (FACT!). But then again, she does have a labret herself that I encouraged her to get as a new years resolution, so she can hardly be judgemental of my metal. The next day we went up to the same piercing studio I've been going to for two years where I was greeted by the same woman who's been piercing me for two years. When I told her I wanted more snakebites, she didn't seem that suprised, she just laughed and said "I was wondering when you'd be wanting more". The rest of the shop however, seemed pretty stunned that a petite little thing like me, who looks more like a member of the girl guides then a piercing enthusiast, wanted a mouth full of metal. The shop owner even asked me if I was sure about my decision, which was a totally new experience for me, but I like the fact that they
care enough about me to check that im sure about these things. As Im under 16, my mum had to sign all the forms, then I went into the back room and took a seat.

First, we had a chat about the jewelery, the placement and the aftercare. Sara then marked my lip outside of my first set of snakebites measuring them so that there was a even distance between the edge of my mouth and the first set on both sides, and making sure that they were both level with on another. I checked the placement, the right one had to be moved up a little, then down a little, but we got it right after three tries, thankfully. I held the little bit of cotton swab underneath the mark on the left side, she sprayed the freezing liquid on (which if you ask me is the worst part), clamped my lip and pushed the needle through in one swift motion, of course it hurt but barely, more like a pinch then anything else. The 16g hoop was threaded through the plastic tubing, which inturn was threaded through my lip making me flinch a little, this made Sara laugh because I've always done that everytime I've gotten a piercing.

Then she moved round to my right side, for some reason this side always hurts much more, after the evil freeze spray, the needle went through and I produced a high pitched wail which made my mum laugh and drop the camera which had been filming the blessed event up till this point. Once the tubing was threaded through, with the customary flinch, and the ball snapped in place I grinned like a idiot despite the throbbing. I was suprised to find that my right snakebite started to bleed a little, apparently this is common, but I've never heard of it happening before and it worried me a little. It stopped really quickly thankfully and hasn't bled since.

I looked in the little hand mirror and began rambling about how great they looked, how pleased I was, how I couldn't wait to start work on my top lip and all that. My mum then made all the token metal mickey jokes and called me a obsessive idiot, saying that I would be told to take them out within a week (sure enough, she was right my school hate them, but I refuse to take any of them out). Sara then asked me if she could take a picture for her portfolio and to go on the shops Myspace page, I felt flattered that my mods were worthy of being used to advertise the shop and the work of its artists.

One week later, and my lip has swollen a little bit, but Im cleaning them reguarly with the right stuff, so it should calm down in a few days. Eating and drinking are still a bit of a difficulty but no more so than they were before, and my lip is a bit chapped because I can't exactly lick my bottom lip due to the hoops, but living with the little annoyances is all part of the process. Now much to my conservative grandparents annoyance, I have five 16g holes in my bottom lip, all filled with silver BCRs. Its the start of many more to come..... and thats not just on my lips.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 28 Sept. 2008
in Lip Piercing

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Artist: Sara
Studio: Heaven+%27n%27+Hell+Tattoos
Location: Falkirk%2C+Scotland

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