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Why didn't you get one on the top?

So, since 13 I had loved lip piercings. At that point though, I was going through my goth phase and I liked the rings, I liked the snakebites. However, whenever I put a ring from my ear around my lip I found my young, immature face didn't exactly wear the look well. In fact, I thought I looked ridiculous. So, eventually the thought left my mind, and I looked at girls with lip piercings but always knew I would never get one, especially because it would never look good on me.

Fast forward four years. I'm in college, and have been here for about a month. I've seen lots of different girls with piercings, and they aren't always a certain "style" of girl that gets them. And those girls with them look good with them, too. So I begin thinking: maybe I can get one. I had pushed the thought deeper back into my mind in the past four years, especially with my long-term boyfriend of three years, thinking maybe he would never like piercings on my face.

However, in our third year together, he has gotten his ears, eyebrow, and tongue pierced. He's talking about a labret and PA. So I'm like, he has a bunch of crap on his body. Maybe I CAN get some on mine. I talk to him about it, and he says "You should get one on the top."

"No, I like them on the bottom. But I'll think about it."

"Just don't get an ugly one," he says.

I approach my mother about it. She says "I wouldn't do it, but it's your choice, and you're going to be 18 soon anyway. We can take you this weekend when you are home." YES!

So, the Sunday rolls around that it's time for me to get my lip pierced. We drive to the one piercing place that my friend had recommended: Tattoo Alley. It looked fine, but when we walked in they said their piercer was on vacation. Dammit. I asked if they knew of any other places. They mentioned some other place but when my mom called them they said they were closed. Luckily, I had one other place in mind that my friend had given me: Sink the Ink, only about 15 minutes away. So we drive there, walk in, and ask for a lip piercing.

"Do you have a birth certificate? We need proof you are her mother and not her aunt or something." Dammit!! Now we need to drive all the way back home. I apologize profusely to my mother along the way, but she's just happy to spend time with me so luckily she doesn't really care.

So, finally, we nab the birth certificate and head back. I hand it in, sign the forms, and I am lead by the woman into her "office," as it were. She's cute, she has two cheek piercings and it looks like a labret at one point, and I think she had a nose piercing.

Now is the time. She puts on her rubber gloves, cleans me, clamps my lip, gets the needle ready... she tells me to take a deep breath in and out and before I know OH MY GOD THERE IS A NEEDLE THROUGH THE RIGHT SIDE OF MY LIP. My mom looks over at me, smiling. Jade replaces the jewelry and screws it on and gives me a mirror to look at my new face. I love it. I'm in love with it. She tells me she pierced it at 14 gauge, I can down-gauge if I want but I actually don't know if I want to. I like it the size it is.

Looking back, it barely hurt, and I really wasn't scared of the pain at all in the first place. Right now my piercing is still a little sore, and though the ball came unscrewed (I lost it, went around with a ball-less bar through my lip for about three hours before I managed to get to another piercing place closer to my college for a new bar), I love it so much I was determined to keep the piercing, walking around with my tongue pressed to the flat back of the bar. That, unfortunately, is an entirely new story, one that happened just yesterday but also one I am not exactly willing to repeat, haha.

I told my boyfriend I had gotten the piercing. I exclaimed over the phone, "I got it on the bottom right!"

He was silent for a moment, and then whispered, "Why didn't you get one on the top?"

Psh, yeah right. This one is so cute. I really want to say, if you want to get this piercing, please just go out and do it. I've been feeling so confident and sexy this past week every time I look in the mirror.

P.S.: My boyfriend likes my piercing now :)


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 28 Sept. 2008
in Lip Piercing

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Artist: The+Jade
Studio: Sink+the+Ink
Location: Willow+Grove%2C+PA

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