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The lovely dimples I now have!

     So my name is Lizz MFK and this is all about my dimples and a few tips at the end that might help some of you who might consider getting them done.                                                                         It all started about three months ago, the day I walked into

a wonderful shop called "Good Times" in Manassas V.A.. My piercers name was Rob, and this man was fresh from the start. He said he had never done cheek piercings before; but I put my faith in him that he could get it done, and he did. He asked it i was nervous??

I shook my head and stated I could not be more excited for you to stab my face, let's do it.

First, he checked the location measuring how far from the corner of my lip they would be placed, then he marked it with his handy dandy marker. Next, he measured the skin he would be piercing through to see how long of a rod he would need. After that he told me the news of the 13 gauge needle he would be pushing through my cheeks to fit the 14 gauge rod, but I did not let that faze me or change my mind. I was extremely excited about the dimples of a lifetime!! He then proceeded to sanitize the equipment like a professional should do, opening clean UNused needles in front of me; while wearing his nifty rubber gloves! He rubber banded his clamps, aligned them perfectly with the dots he drew previously; told me to breathe in slowly, then breathe out and in went that needle. Ouch? I think not. The left one was up next, on went his clamps and in went the needle...slow I might add!!! He had to go through slow or my lip ring would have been ripped out. I felt every inch of that ne edle go through, and it hurt...like sweet victory!! I finally had my dream of dimples, and a face that was sore as hell!!!

The first two days after getting them pierced they weren't swollen at all, day three hit and I looked like a puffer fish! Some bruising had appeared due to the pressure of the clamps, but that's normal. The swelling lasted about a week making it painful to tears to laugh or even smile, take a couple Motrin it helps a lot with swelling and the pain from every time you smile! Clean them a few good couple of times a day with H 2 ocean and a few q tips, and for rinsing your mouth i recommend Biotene it's a lot better then regular mouthwash and burns a hell of a lot less!

A few weeks after getting them pierced I had gotten a swollen gland on my left cheek; it was about the size of a dime right above the rod, basically a swollen gland is an infection which can spread, if this happens to you go to the doctors as soon as you can for antibiotics, it will cure the problem, trust me! If you do not go to the doctors it could end up making you sick, and possibly you would have to take the jewelry out. No good at all in my opinion. Within weeks it cleared up right back to its' beautiful dimple!

During the first month I had come to find it was impossible to lay on my stomach because it rams the rod into my teeth, making them extremly sore and highly uncomfortable!! So if you prefer sleeping on your stomach and find a way to sleep comfortably please let me know immediately! The only time I had problems with them was when they got ripped on by a friend accidentily or when they got caught on my shirt or jacket.

Second and third month, they look amazing! I have not had any problems with them so far after the first month. But since getting the piercing I have realized it is worth going through it all just to have them. I adore them and I would not change any thing about their loviness!!

Tips I might suggest: When getting them pierced ask to get the piercings aligned with your teeth (less chance of biting on them). Also, ask for plastic backs to go on the inside incase you do bite on them, they will not chip your teeth to little pieces inside your mouth! Plus, it is plastic so they will glide across your teeth instead of clanking like surgical steel has the tendicies to do, which could possibly cause them to become irritaited and sore.

If you are a smoker try and wash out your mouth with Biotene afterwards to keep them clean and healthy. If you don't they do become tender I know for a fact! Keep them clean!

I plan on posting pictures up so look for me under cheeks, lip rings, and septum piercings.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 28 Sept. 2008
in Lip Piercing

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Artist: Rob
Studio: Good+Times+Tattoo+Studio
Location: in+Manassas

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