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Snakebitesss.. At last!

Well, to be honest i have been fascinated by multiple lip piercings, don't ask me why though! I can't work out why I like them so much. I pestered my mum for about a year before she let me go get one lip piercing when I was 15. I went into Pulse in Northampton (I trusted them as my friends had all of their piercings done there and they look clean and tidy) and it was quick and pretty much painless, the people were friendly and it was done within about 30 seconds. I didn't even flinch. To be honest I didn't like it very much, I always wanted snakebites. It felt odd and unfinished. I begged and begged for my mum to let me get the other one there and then, but it came to no avail.

The trouble came a week and a half after. I should have known that it would happen because I am prone to mouth ulcers and get one whenever the soft tissue in my mouth gets lacerated. I got a little obsessive for a few days after, cleaning it every 10 minutes which I guess was bad.. A really big ulcer grew around the back of it and to my utter dismay it got infected. I called up my dentist and 'forgot' to mention my piercing and told them about my infected ulcer. They gave me 2 weeks worth of antibiotics and it cleared up very well (I do not condone keeping things from your dentist!!) I got a bit of hassle from my school but I used to hide it with the sleeve of my jumper.

Here comes the second one! About a year after my first, left school and at college, I have not long ago had my second snakebite. This comes with a bit more drama! I'd seen my boyfriend pierce people before, he seemed quick and efficient (also very clean). I had seen him do a few lips, some various ear parts and also a fair few eyebrows. I trusted him completely so it seemed the best idea at the time. I was wrong! It was a lot more painful than i thought, but not as much as i'd imagined beforehand. I was very nervous and jumpy, trying to distract him and stall the inevitable. Unfortunately, I'd planned that I'd be that way so I told him that he had to do it no matter what I said. Well, I watched him make the needle sterile which now seemed to look huge.. and clean the bar I'd picked out especially which now didn't look as friendly. This is why I generally go for professional piercings, because you pay beforehand and then you don't want to make a scene and look like a wimp aski ng for your money back. It helps looking at the artist's piercings too, thinking 'If they can do it, so can I!' which seems to help me immensely. They are a lot quicker too! I trust my boyfriend with my life but I know him too well, I procrastinate because I'm scared and i know he won't do it until I say.

So, after about 20 minutes of stalling, eventually he got round to sticking the needle in my lip, which was not nice at all. I pulled myself away at one point, i thought it was done but he declared it hadn't gone through all of the way! As I squealed and flailed about with a needle most of the way through my lip my boyfriend was trying to grab it again saying the longer I stay like that, the more it will swell and it will be worse. He was right. But luckily he managed to make the last bit exceedingly fast, for which I am so grateful. One good point was that he used such a thick needle that I didn't even feel the bar slide through, which he informed me when I mentioned it that that was his aim and I should've just let him do it without fussing. I flailed some more before he put the ball on the end of the bar, which made it more painful. I looked in the mirror and then turned back to him, mortified. 'It's not in line with the other one' I said. He replied 'Don't you trust me? I t's very swollen because you were messing about. Once it goes down it'll be straight, I promise' When the swelling went down a bit, I could tell he was right. Perfect placement and everything! I should never have doubted him. It seems to have healed ok too!

To be honest I would recommend not squirming while getting a DIY piercing by someone you know, it just ends up with more pain than you bargained for. As for me, I think i shall stick to professional from now on. Have fun!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 28 Sept. 2008
in Lip Piercing

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Artist: No.+1+-+Some+lady+in+Pulse.+No.+2+-+My+boyfriend
Studio: No.+1+-+Pulse%2C+Nortampton.+No.+2+-+My+living+room
Location: Northants

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