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No Hassle, No Pain (almost)

So I'd been playing with the idea of a lip piercing for a while. I'd never really considered having a piercing done before, but then once the idea popped into my head I couldn't shake it, and the more I thought about how hot lip studs and rings look on people, the more I wanted one. Coincidentally, a friend at work had just had her nose done for a second time, and really recommended the place she went to, Studio XIII. This was someone who had been travelling round the world for years and had picked up a hell of a lot piercings along the way, so when she said that this had been one of the most comfortable and hassle-free, I listened good.

Mind made up, I checked the net to make sure I knew what I was after, and then headed on down to Studio XIII. It looked clean and the woman at the desk was friendly, if a little stoned. She gave me some boxes to tick, but I didn't pay too much attention to them and just signed the form. My friend had recommended a woman in particular for being really friendly and chilled-out, so I asked for her, and then sat about flicking through tattoo mags until they were ready for me.

It was busier than I thought it would be, a good sign I suppose, and she eventually took me downstairs and sat me down in a dentist-style chair. She spent maybe ten minutes talking to me about what exactly I wanted, the best way to do it, what it would look like, feel like, all the kinds of things I had been wondering. She showed me the rings and studs, in different sizes, that she could put in, the different healing times, everything. It really put me at ease, as I was secretly cacking it. Then, when I had no more questions, she marked a purple dot on my lower lip and gave me the mirror to check the position, said we could rub it out and do it again for as long as I wanted until I was happy it was in the right spot. That was a big relief too, but the placing was good. She cleaned it, checked the inside of my lip, all that kind of stuff, and then we were good to go.

She told me to relax and, with a pair of thin tongs, extended my lower lip. I couldn't really see what she was doing after that, what with it being my face and all, so I looked at the ceiling instead. A deep breath, she said, and then, as I was taking the deep breath, she stuck the needle through. It hurt yeah, but I was surprised more than anything. It was over so quickly that I had no time to think, and then she had popped the stud through and was mopping up. There wasn't even any blood, as far as I could see. Now it just felt weird. Like, really fucking weird. Sort of like having a big chunk of metal stuck through your lower lip.

But then, that was the easy bit – the most important part was to check the mirror and like the reflection. She handed it to me and I looked, unsure what I would find, but the stud looked absolutely awesome. It was bigger than I had imagined, but she explained that it was to do with swelling, the stud would be changed after the piercing healed. I was too excited to listen anyway, and she wrote it all down for me with a number to call if I had any problems or questions. Back upstairs, and it was only £20, bargain!

As I said, the sensation in my lip was extremely weird. We went shopping in town after that, and I was scared to smile too wide or laugh in case my lip ripped. It felt bizarre enough just talking. But I kept checking mirrors in shops, vain prick that I am, and it looked amazing. I bought some saline solution and cotton buds, and headed home for closer inspection.

It's been a day or so, and I'm still getting used to the new feel of my lip. The stud is still fairly loose, so I think maybe my lip hasn't swollen up much, which is kind of annoying as the stud is too long and scrapes one of my teeth, sometimes catches it if I'm not paying attention, which hurts like hell and makes eating tricky. But in terms of pain, I've had next to none, just that the area is quite tender, which you keep finding out when washing your face or changing shirts. Shaving will be more complicated but not tried that yet. Cleaning has been okay too, the outside looks clean and I haven't been finding any of the famed crusties. Still trying to resist the urge to play with the stud, but it's difficult not to, kind of like a mouth ulcer without the pain.

Also, be ready for weird reactions from your parents, if that still affects your situation. Mine are laid-back, liberal, have no problem with my fairly alternative lifestyle – hell, I don't even live with them, but they still took the lip stud quite badly, seemed offended by it, upset even. Ah well, they'll get over it.

Finally, and most important of all – if you're going to have salad for lunch afterwards, go easy on the vinaigrette. Yeah, that stuff fucking stings.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 28 Sept. 2008
in Lip Piercing

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Artist: Sarah
Studio: Studio+XIII
Location: Edinburgh

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