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My Wonderful Monroe

Hello to all you reading my Monroe piercing experience.

I've wanted a Monroe piercing for a few years now, to be honest I don't even know what made me wait so long, I guess it was because I had a bit of a bad experience with getting my labret pierced, So I assumed it would be the same with my Monroe.

I few days before, I called around pretty much every tattoo/piercing shop in my city. Most prices where outrageous. Dragon and Butterfly was the most reasonable price (I only paid $43, which included my jewellery and a free jewellery once it's healed) so my best friend and I decided we would go there and get our piercings. I told her I would go first because her piercing she needed freezing for (vertical clitoral hood) Ouch!

So...now it's the day (Thursday) at around 5:00pm we left for the shop. The shop is downtown so it took us quite a bit to find a parking spot. Once we did it was only a short walk down the street. We walked into the shop (which I might add, was extremely clean) which made me feel immediately at ease. We told the man (piercer) what we were here to get, he told me I could choose my jewellery. I choose the smallest possible for piercing. We then paid for what we were getting, and had to sign a consent form, including age and the days date, and making sure you fully understand the procedure are getting (a word of advice, if you get pierced and you are not made to sign a consent you probably don't want to get pierced there, most likely they are not very responsible.)

We sat while we were waiting for him to set up the room for me, while I was waiting I was a bit nervous, nothing serious, but nervous enough. I sat looking through tattoo books. There was another woman there looking very uneasy, I asked her what she was getting and she told me her nipple. I didn't have any words of advice for her, sense I didn't have my nipples pierced, luckily my friend had.

About 5 or 6 minutes later he came out and called me in, I asked him if my friend could come in and he said that's fine (the room is very large) I walked back to the room, and he told me to sit on a bed that was pretty much the same as a doctor's office examination table, He then cleaned his hands and rubbed some antibiotic ointment on the underneath of my lip with a q-tip, then cleaned the outside with rubbing alcohol, he made a mark and told me to look in the mirror and see if I liked the placement. I told him to move it down just a bit, he did, and I looked again and I thought it was perfect! Then he went and put on relaxation music which actually did help. He washed his hands again, put on surgical gloves and took all the needles and jewellery out of the packaging right in front of me (if you go somewhere and they do not open it in front of you, just leave, you have no way of knowing how long that's been sitting there or who it may have been used on) He then put some kind of lubrication on the jewellery post, and needle just so it would slide through smoothly.

Once he was all ready he asked my friend if she could stand back just a little so he could have enough room to work. He told me every move he was making before he did it so I wouldn't have any surprises. He lined up the clamps, but they slid off, so he had to make them tighter (I know people say the clamps hurt, but trust me they absolutely do not!) He told me to take a deep breath and when I exhale he was going to put the needle through, so I did and the needle was through within 3 seconds, honest! It felt like a lot of pressure but that's it really, I didn't feel anything sharp because it goes so quick you don't really feel it until after it's over. He then put a piece of cork on the tip of the needle, went and got the jewellery and slid it through the tube of the needle (he pierced me with a 16g, so I could put micro jewellery in it once it was healed) putting the jewellery in was a bit uncomftrerable, but nothing I wouldn't do again.

He told me everything to do to take care of it, healing time, etc. He told me to drink a lot of ice water to keep the swelling to a minimum. I sat up but felt very light headed, he told me to lie back down until I felt better. I got up a few minutes later, went and looked in the mirror, and I loved my new piercing!

I would highly recommend Dragon and Butterfly to anyone who is getting pierced in the Dartmouth area.

Thank you for reading my experience, I hope it's helped someone.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 28 Sept. 2008
in Lip Piercing

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Artist: Not+sure+of+his+name
Studio: Dragon+and+Butterfly+Tattoo
Location: Dartmouth%2C+NS+%28Canada%29

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