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My unprofessional (and expensive) piercing experience

I am one of those flippant mind changers when it comes to piercing. I always want something new, but for some reason or another I always seem to remove a piercing after a few months and regret it. The only piercing I have ever kept for a decent length of time are my lobes. (Not that I can easily just heal them up, they are getting bigger all the time) Anywho, I was pondering in the mirror one day, deciding that my tiny labret and one dermal anchor was not enough for me, I needed something else to make my face look more badarse. My original idea was to add two more labrets (snakebites to cool kids) but then I thought that it might be a bit much (for me, I mean, I work in retail in a conservative area, people still freak right out when they see my 18mm lobes. I still think multiple lip piercings look great.) So I decided, on impulse that I should get a Monroe, often considered a girly piercing but its my face, my body, I can do what I want etc etc etc.

Hurdle number one: My regular piercers trading hours.

I am a fan of my piercer, Kerry. She makes me feel comfortable, knows me by name and has done all of my non-lobe piercings, as well as 3 dermal anchors. She has been piercing for about 10 years so she knows her shit. One time she even bought me a coffee. Unfortunately, Kerry and I (due to a recent roster change at work) now share the same days off. As this piercing was impulsive, and I am impatient, I decided that I would simply look elsewhere (surely she wouldn't mind if I went somewhere else.)

I was informed by a work colleague (as well as hearing great things) about the piercers at Wicked Ink (The Penrith studio, where I am currently getting me sleeve, and would definitely recommend them as a terrific studio to anyone in Sydney) being very good and from what I gathered on their website. Once again fate intervened, I checked their website to see that their piercers where infact in, only to discover that the resident piercer was celebrating his birthday, and therefore not there. I was kinda bummed about that. My girlfriend mentioned off hand about the tattoo studio nearby. A friend of mine had some tattoo work there and it was pretty clean work, so naturally I assumed (you know the old saying about assumption, yeah, the one about being an ass) that they would be at least antiquate at a simple oral piercing. O lord I was wrong. I walked in the stand at the counter for about five minutes while the guy sitting there talked on the phone about who knows what. After a whi le another guy came up and asked "What can I do for you?"

I replied simply "Oh I just want a piercing today."

"What did you want pierced?"

"A Monroe." I pointed idly to my upper lip.

"O you need to talk to him" He pointed to phone man. I waited for phone guy to get off the phone (seemed like a social call, which kind of pissed me off, but what do I know being a lowly customer?)

"What did you want pierced?" he asked

"A Monroe" I replied. He went blank and looked over at the guy who first served me.

"It's here." The guy said pointing to his upper lip like I did. For some reason I didn't run like hell. My piercer was unfamiliar with common piercing terms that I learned off the internet. This guy did this for a living.

"I know." He snapped back, perhaps I was just being paranoid.

"Alright." He said. I asked how much the piercing would cost, only to quell my curiosity.

"90" he said. Hmmm. My normal piercer only charged about $80 for a top quality piercing, which included aftercare. For some reason I was still sticking to my guns and deciding to get this piercing. I went next door to the service station to withdraw money and came back to my "piercer." He sat me down on a tattoo chair, half reclined, which felt a bit strange. I wanted to sit up but he insisted I lie back.

He drew on the placement dot with some sort of disposable marker. I looked in the mirror and said "cool. The top of that dot." He repeated this like I had said it in Chinese. I am used to getting the area cleaned with antibacterial soap. Whatever this guy used it burned my nose. It smelled like he was using vodka! He Clamped up my mouth and asked

"Ready?" Bam. Don't worry about my breathing or anything.

"Look at that! Right Through the hole!" My mind was boggled. He sounded like he had cured cancer. He was amazed he got it through the hole he had marked. I stood and looked in the mirror. On the outside it looked fine, so I stopped worrying a bit.

I reluctantly handed over roughly a days pay and waiting for my aftercare instructions and solution.

"Cool." He said. I waited.

"Well you got enough piercing so you know what you're doing." I died a bit inside.

That was it. He handed me a sheet of paper saying something about Dettol (ouch) and salt soaks. And that was it. That was my aftercare. I walked out the door with nothing but what I later discovered was not even a straight piercing. Luckily I knew about oral piercing aftercare from my labret piercing, went to the chemist and got more suitable aftercare products (well more suitable then what the 'piercer' gave me, nothing.) and went home feeling defeated. The piercing didn't stay in for more then 24 hours before I removed it. All up the piercing cost me over $130 after I purchased aftercare.

The moral of the story is only get pierced by reputable piercers and to not, under any circumstances assume that someone charging money is skilled.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 28 Sept. 2008
in Lip Piercing

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Location: Sydney

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