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Metal that sits on my lip.

My body mod obsession began young, to say the least. My parents pretty much hate the idea of "marking up my face" but some how I convinced them into getting my lip pierced. I have a monroe piercing that I had gotten almost a year earlier, and they thought another oral piercing was pushing it. But now, I sit here with a pretty silver ring in the right side of my mouth (:

At first, it started with a surface pierce that I was dying for. But the more I weighed the pros and cons of it, the more I didn't want it. Because of my lifestyle, of concerts and crowd pits, I was worried about it getting knocked. Making rejection even worse. I figured it just wouldn't work for me. So I eased the idea onto my mom, that I had made a responsible desicion for not putting something I thought to be harmful into my body. I told her, why not a lip ring? She hated the idea. But she rather have that then a metal bar threw my chest. So she took me to get it done. Reluctantly, but she did. And I love my mom for putting up with my crazy wants, she lets me do a lot for my age.

I felt like I was getting this piercing totally on impluse. I got it pierced today (5.22.08) when we decided on it the day before. Which made me a bit nervous, since I didn't do much research. I'm a bit of a nut when it comes to finding out everything I can before poking holes in my skin. But since I already had an oral piercing, I figured it can't be much different then the one I already have.

I dragged my friend Amanda along with me. When I got there, we were greeted, more like shrugged off, by the girl behind the counter. She looked younger then everyone else that worked there, and I think she was new. She was incredibly rude and I was praying she wasn't the piercer. But to my joy, a fimilair face came out of the back room. I still don't know her name, but I had seen her many times before. Even bought pairs of gauges from her. She was the piercer, thank god.

She led me back to the room after filling out forms, and told me to have a seat. She gave me listerine and had me rinse my mouth. After, she cleaned the outside of my mouth and opened all new needles and clamps. She marked my lip with a purple dot, and showed me. I liked the placement a lot, so she went on to place the clamps on. They so weren't as bad as everyone says, barley any discomfort. Though she didn't explain what she was doing, she just told me to breathe. Before I knew it I felt a strong pinch, which made my eyes water. And I do remember making an "oh man" noise after the needle went threw. Bareable pain though, not bad. I didn't exactly feel the jewlery go in, just a kind of pressure put on my lip. And when she was fiddling with it to screw the ball on, it had a sore kind of feeling to it.

The only thing I concentrated on was squeezing my friends hand. She gave me the mirror and from the endorphine rush and being disorriented, I wasn't exactly happy with my piercing. The captive bead ring looked HUGE and sat weird on my lip. But I don't think I was totally clear cause I was still woozy, and when I looked at it again, I totally fell in love with it. It was the quickest piercing process I've ever had, litteraly from sitting down in the chair up until I got out of it was only a minute. Which I liked it being quick much better. Leaving me less time to get freaked and back out.

She forgot to give me ivory soap to clean it with, so I'm a bit worried of having to wait to buy some later. But its a great addition to my pretty lips, and my monroe. Lip rings are simple, but beautiful. And I love them even more now that I have my own. Its only been a couple hours since the pierce and its still swollen, ill admit. And pretty sore, which is normal and looks fine.

Can't wait to show it off to my friends which will be a suprise to them, since I told like no one. (:

I recommend this piercing to anyone who is considering it, and deffinatly Warrior piercing. They're expirenced and good with what they do, and I haven't had any problems with the piercings they've done for me.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 28 Sept. 2008
in Lip Piercing

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Artist: didn%27t+catch+her+name
Studio: Warrior
Location: Levittown

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