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I have very rebellious tendencies.

After giving up certain habits for my boyfriend, I was in need of an adrenaline rush. I had been perusing BME earlier that day, and was feeling this strong want for another piercing. I just wasn't sure what yet.

I compiled a short list of piercings I liked, and that I would be willing to do myself. This would be my first self-piercing, and after having eleven others done professionally, I was sure I knew what to do. I have friends that are in the body piercing business and have witnessed countless piercings. One has even provided me with a hollow needle which I had no use for until this day. Anyway... After thinking for a good two hours, I called my boyfriend up and asked for his help. His input means everything to me. Seeing as he's not overly fond of piercings, I wanted one that was not as in-your-face.

We deliberated for a while, as I sent him various pictures of my options. I would hold up barbells to my face to "try them on." None of them had caught mine or his attention yet.

Then it just hit me! My close friend had his scrumper (smiley) pierced a few years ago. It was such a beautiful piercing. I loved the way it was hidden, only appearing to accentuate the smile. I knew even though a smiley wasn't on my list that was what I was doing.

I immediately called my boyfriend and informed him of what I was doing. I sent him various pictures of smileys and quite a few BME links. He absolutely loved the idea.

While still on the phone, I quickly gathered the supplies I needed. One 14 gauge hollow piercing needle (my closest male friend was a body piercer-in-training, and I had him autoclave my needle for me), a 16 gauge curved barbell, Listerine, gloves, a small garbage bag, alcohol, paper towels, and a cork from a used wine bottle.

I unscrewed the ends of the barbell and soaked the three pieces in some alcohol for a good twenty minutes while I set everything up.

I placed the garbage bag over my sink to provide a smooth area to put everything. I didn't want anything going down the drain. Using bookends to hold the sides down, I rubbed a cotton ball with hydrogen peroxide over the taut bag, just in case. Once it had dried, I put on some gloves and retrieved my jewelry. My supplies were all set out, in the order that I thought I would need to use them.

I stripped the used gloves off my hands, and reached for the Listerine. I rinsed for a good forty five seconds, making sure to pay special attention to the area being pierced. After spitting the mouthwash out I tucked some paper towels up under my lip to dry the surrounding area out. Once it was dry, I pulled the towels out and ripped open the clear blue plastic holding the needle safe, keeping my fingers away from the metal itself.

I slipped on some gloves, and lifted my lip. I knew it was going to be hard to see without a clamp. So with one hand I held my lip up and with the other I placed the cork on one side of my skin. I maneuvered my hands a little so I could hold my lip up with the forefinger of my left hand and keep the cork steady with the rest of my left hand fingers. Before any fingers could slip out of place, I quickly grabbed the needle and placed it against my skin, exactly where I wanted it. I took a deep breath and plunged the needle into my flesh and ultimately, the cork.

The pain wasn't terrible at all. I felt a slight pinching and heard a small "squish" noise (but that might have just been my fingers slipping). There was minimal bleeding with just the needle in and I wasn't about to let it start with the jewelry.

I slowly pulled the cork off the end of the needle and tossed it over my shoulder to the bathtub behind me. I would clean everything up later.

I let the needle sit there for about a minute while I disposed of my gloves, and got a new pair. I have Obsessive Compulsive Disorder and cleanliness is a major issue to me.

I twisted the needle once to make sure no blood had dried on it already. I reached over to my barbell and screwed one end on. Slowly, I slid the needle almost to the end, and I lined up the jewelry, continuing until the jewelry was in and the needle was out.

I grabbed a paper towel and mopped up the drool that had been collecting in my bottom lip from having my mouth open so long. Screwing on the other end was the hardest part out of the entire process for me. I was constantly tugging on the fresh hole, trying to line up the ball with the threaded end of the barbell. Finally I got everything situated, cleaned up what little blood there was and threw my trash away.

Closing my mouth didn't irritate the new piercing, nor did opening it. The area was slightly warm, but that's a normal side effect.

The barbell I used was longer than what normally would be worn in a smiley because I tend to swell to epic proportions. Any little scrape or cut I get swells massively and I figured this wouldn't be any different. It did, in fact swell, but not nearly as much as I imagined it would. Figuring the swelling would keep up the next day I left the larger jewelry in, only to drool in the middle of a speech the following school day.

Two days after the actual piercing, I went to a shop and had the local piercer change the uncomfortably large barbell out for something smaller and more girly. She knew my face well enough and even knew some of my older friends. The cost was only $9, but she was great about everything, explaining how to clean it, and taught me how to change the jewelry myself, so I tipped her heavily.

It's been almost six days now and my mouth feels great. I do salt rinses twice a day and I make sure not to smack it too hard with my toothbrush. I've stayed away from drinking through straws and sports bottles as well as kissing, and hopefully in a few weeks my mouth will be healed!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 28 Sept. 2008
in Lip Piercing

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